Most car insurance companies like to hear six words, if you say one, they happy

Now that a lot of owners think that they bought all rIsks to the Car, “all rIsks which” one to know all of them pay! So when the report Is completely do not speak tricks, the result Is often tragic, sometimes may not receive compensation, really tears. Most Car insurance companies like to hear six words, if you say one, they are happy, so be sure to read the terms Carefully when buying Auto insurance, Auto insurance money can not white cross.

1, thIs Car Is not my

whether it Is to pay high insurance or three insurance, pay attention to a Car – not with people, was the original owner signed a contract to drive the vehicle in a traffic accident, then the insurance Is obliged to claim. If you are not the owner, the owner needs to be present to produce documents in order to obtain the claim, but if the Car Is to buy from the secondary market “black Car”, so sorry, the insurance company may refuse claims.

2, I did not bring a driver’s license

let alone the insurance company Will not give you payment, even traffic police have to sentence you to the full responsibility , and you call thIs driving without a license, you know? Once the case if the driver’s license did not bring their own crash occurred, then to quietly notify the family to send you book it, notify the insurance company to go over, otherwIse they can not get paid a penny.

3, loss of the tire / tire, but the Car does not lose nothing =!

just stole the wheel, the rest did not move, the insurance companies Will not pay thIs part of the loss. Or a vehicle tire blowout, the other part has not damaged, the insurance company Will not pay.

4, the Car repaired, it helped me be reimbursed

Some Car owners Car was damaged in the case pending loss on self-repair, insurance provIsions, in thIs case, the insurance company has the right not compensable. Therefore, when the Car accident, the owner should report the first time, then self repair invoice also be reimbursed.

5, the vehicle does not pass inspection

insuredInsurance vehicle Is not timely inspection, without a valid driving license, Car damage insurance according to the terms of the first paragraph of Article IV, no public security traffic management department Issued a legally valid driving license when the insured event occurs, the insurer Is liable.

6, call the fire Is not the motive water of the

deep water, turn off the engine, the driver forced ignition again causing engine damage, improper operation belongs. Therefore, the insurance company Is not compensable. When the flame when wading, do not go to the ignition, the Car Will be towed away immediately called a trailer.

Car insurance road before the program Is necessary to provide protection to give all aspects of the Car, but it can not mean that a successful claim under any circumstances. Therefore, Xiao Bian remind owners must have a detailed understanding of Auto insurance claims matters, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble.