Mo blind on car insurance, auto insurance can not buy these three, do not spend more money wasted

Is now our standard of living are rIsing, consumer attitudes are also opening up a lot more than the original, many people have bought their own private Cars. Car brand now also a lot more than before, and more intense competition, the Car Will often store launch promotions to increase sales.

when buying a Car, I believe that most consumers Will be Carefully selected, after all, a Car can be a good start for many years, who do not want to buy finIshed on regret. After completion of the selection of vehicles, but also to the Car insurance and lIsted before they can hit the road, but there are a lot of insurance class of motor vehicle, be sure to buy a whole lot of money to spend, then there Is no need to Auto insurance which purchased it?

points are many types of insurance vehicles, we can choose to buy and use depending on the driving scene, but also some less important insurance. First, spontaneous combustion rIsk, the cost of such insurance Is relatively high, and the probability of payment Is not great, because now the technology Cars are very good, the Car ignition probability of occurrence Is minimal, and the provIsions of the insurance payment Is paid only non-human spontaneous combustion, If it Is to change the Car to change the line leading to spontaneous combustion, the insurance Is not paid.

Second, scratches insurance, scratches insurance also belong to one of the high cost of insurance, the insured amount $ 5,000 Is required to pay 800 yuan scrapped, and before buying scratches insurance first before they can buy Car damage, if the vehicle Is not worth enough to buy can be considered. Third, wading insurance, wading insurance rules after the Car engine inlet Will be paid, if the driver starts the vehicle again after the engine inlet, the insurance company Will not compensate, and drove some of the words are not Careful wading encounter problems, the significance of such insurance Is not large.

Comments: Many novice drivers when buying a new Car Will buy all rIsks, which Is essentially all-round protection, but some particular insurance and no need to buy, just spend more money wasted, it Is recommended before you buy a Car know more about some Car knowledge, especially insurance, after all, money Is hard earned, saved sum could pay more oil several times. You look at how Auto insurance Is it?