Many car insurance? How to best deal to buy insurance? Car insurance Attack

Today we talk about Car insurance when it comes to Auto insurance, many small partners must be very anxious .. When they buy a Car, they know which one Is better than others.

But when they purchase Car insurance, face a variety of Auto insurance, they know what to do.

Car insurance there are two types of compulsory insurance, the other Is commercial insurance compulsory insurance Is to pay high insurance, the state compulsory purchase, are non-negotiable, occurred in a vehicle paid to the injured party when the accident, and the amount of compensation Is limited .. divided into a variety of commercial insurance, you are Willing to buy, but I still recommend a regular drive a friend to buy commercial insurance, commercial insurance to buy three main recommendation of insurance, basically the first Is sufficient third party liability insurance, by definition, third party liability insurance to a third party if you are injured or damage, medical expenses, including vehicle maintenance costs borne by the three kinds of rIsk in a road accident, usually covering 500 000 , 1 million, 1.5 million, general enough to buy 100 million pounds and the second Is damage to the Car, which Is to fix your Car if you hit the wall, hit a telephone pole, if you accidentally hit the wall, hit a telephone pole you can compensate for the losses here are some details about the Car damage insurance, many of my friends do not know: subrogation.

must have a lot of friends do not understand what Is subrogation recovery, for example, you are not the primary responsibility if you are in a traffic accident, the other Is the main responsibility for your Car maintenance costs Is $ 10,000, but the other only buy transportation insurance, property loss Is $ 2,000, the other side does not want compensation for the remaining 8,000 maintenance costs, thIs time with Auto damage insurance, you can require insurance companies to divide recourse, in general, you Will use your own Car damage insurance costs $ 8,000 to recover, and then the insurance company to compensate accident.

Is a damaged Car insurance policy Is non-deductible 4. third party before you buy, of course, does not guarantee one hundred percent compensation there are other scratches insurance, glass breakage, wading insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, and so, if the budget Is sufficient, money, certainlyThere are many benefits for those of us who live in the old driver, you could save some money, buy three or more the insurance Will be enough .. after thIs Issue of Car sharing knowledge, you know how to buy Car insurance?

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