Let’s insurance how to do after the transfer of vehicle ownership?

after hIs Car transfer, if off-site transfer of the province to membership of vehicles, Vehicle AdminIstration after the extracted files, transfer agreements with insurance companies and invoices to transfer where the original Car, buyers and sellers of personal ID Card with two sides, but also to bring buyers and sellers have the official seal of the unit, the insurance company Will help handle; outside the province to membership, processes are the same, slightly different Is that after the local Shang Hao Will be able to re-license at a local insurance company insurance, before insurance packages such as pay high insurance can be drained away, bring your original insurance policies, invoices, insurance Cards, signs and your new insurance policy can go to primary insurance companies back.

If it Is, then transfer the new Car (such as a new Car bought only about a month):

1, please write a letter to the sound of surrender insurance companies, information would be reason to surrender, and from what time to start surrender, sign it or cover chapter, give it to the business of insurance companies handling department;

2, by the insurance company to handle the business department Issued an endorsement surrender surrender an insurance company to Issue a single grant application based on surrender, surrender the above stated time and should refund the premium amount, while the recovery of Automobile insurance;

3, back to the insurance premium finance department to receive, to take the surrender endorsement and identity Cards, the insurance company the financial sector should lead to the withdrawal of the premium.

how do insurance expires after the transfer?

1, write a transfer Car insurance application form, indicate the insurance policy number, license plate number, the owner’s name and transfer the old and new causes, and signed or stamped.

2, with Car insurance and driving license, find the insurance company’s business management department. The insurance company Will Issue a change of the insured endorsement, endorsement stated above, the change of the insured. (Endorsements keep insurance used in the claims together)

The above Is small series of “post-transfer vehicle insurance to how we do?” The general introduction, I hope for your help!