Last of insurance are so expensive! Top 5 auto insurance the most expensive American car models

Auto insurance now more expensive than ever before. According to the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety provided, between 2010 and 2016, the average cost of vehicle insurance investment increased by 33%. But different models have different Auto insurance costs, relevant US agencies to collect current data situation 575 models sold in the US from the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, according to insurance costs and the level they are sorted. Jun truth which lIsts the most expensive Auto insurance 5 models, let us know.

Dodge Charger

The average insurance costs: 1385.61 US dollars

Dodge Charger choose from a variety of engines, from a relatively modest 3.6-liter V6 absolute mania, can produce 707 horsepower Hemi V8 supercharged engine. But the amazing power to bring Is the high cost of insurance.

Cyan FR-S

the average insurance costs: 1403.67 US dollars

Scion FR-S was dIscontinued, but its twin models Toyota 86 Is still selling. The Car Is full of fun to drive, but speed Is not particularly fast, for young driving enthusiasts, it might be a very attractive option. Jun truth can not be sure, but the average age of buyers Is probably a major Auto insurance rates are an important factor affecting.

MitsubIshi Lancer

the average insurance costs: 1458.48 US dollars

Why such a modest MitsubIshi Lancer compact sedan Car insurance too expensive? Perhaps heroic MitsubIshi Lancer wing Hao Lu God still dIscontinued insuranceLingering in the minds of company executives. Anyway, if you want to buy a good compact Car, and fears Auto insurance rates are too high, then you should probably choose a other models.

Mercedes – Benz S class long wheelbase Car

The average insurance costs: 1540.63 US dollars

for Mercedes – Benz S-class the emergence of the truth monarch was not surprIsed. The sale price Is a large luxury Car insurance, the premium Is certainly a lot of money, especially considering that Mercedes – some of the top speed of the Mercedes-Benz Car how fast, how strong after the performance, Is even more understandable. But to be honest Jun guess, if you can afford the Mercedes – Benz price long-wheelbase S-Class, you may also afford the insurance costs.

Tesla Model S the average annual insurance costs: 1789.48 USD

2019, the United States accounted for the insured amount Is the most expensive vehicle lIst Is the Tesla Model S. Jun truth can not determine the Tesla Model S won the first reason behind all, but to be honest Memories can say with certainty that some of the Tesla Model S Cars speed amazingly fast. More importantly, there are reports indicate that maintenance costs when damage to the Tesla Model S Is much more expensive than regular models. The combination of these two facts, premium rate Tesla Model S, of course, not low.

To be honest Jun Summary: While we do not know the actual amount of insurance abroad What content protection, so with the domestic premium Is not good for comparIson. But we can see that the high price of premium Cars Is also correspondingly high and performs well, it may not for what people like these Cars. However, if you still have other optionsChoose, do not want to bear the high cost of Auto insurance, it would have to avoid these models a.