Just three kinds of car insurance you can buy, and the rest are in the money pit

often hear some older drivers are talking about buying a Car cheaper, but the cost of insurance and the subsequent maintenance Is not a small amount of overhead, thIs view Is indeed true, it Is precIsely because of thIs view resulting in At present, many people obviously want to have the budget to buy a Car and have the desire and demand but the delay Is not to buy a Car. So today buns to help you solve the puzzles.

As we all know, the first year after the purchase of insurance Is absolutely indIspensable, and it must also be a full insurance, although the cost of paying a lot of, however, thIs series of insurance for Car owners Is very important benefit, of course, but insurance companies do not want to lose money, so the insurance program, there are many we do not know Is actually useless money pit for the money, if Car owners do not understand the words, they Will spend a lot of time and money, today buns come to you speaking about the need to buy the insurance in the three rIsk.

For many people the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinsurance Is not particularly familiar with, not to mention the classification of rights and responsibilities of some of the old rules of the inside, it Is because in thIs way, it Will all fall into the insurance company’s routine to go inside, should be familiar with all regulations money, and their own search or ask some older drivers insurance experience, then it Will not be selected on all rIsks, we need to turn on what are the three means the rIsk?

First, the first must be the responsibility of the staff Is to buy Car insurance, what Is the board officers liability insurance, by definition, Is the people in the Car personal safety insurance, it Is one of the main rIsk vehicle insurance business, that if in the course of a lawful and reasonable traffic, the unfortunate encounter a major traffic accident caused no casualties, thIs time the board officers liability insurance Is the most direct to you the most effective protection, allowing occupants to enjoy thIs service brings the amount of compensation, thereby reducing overhead costs after injury, to protect the rights of the owners, and it not only protect the owners of their rights, but also to protect the passengers right, so thIs one Is to save insurance Is absolutely not the province.

The second Is the insurance third party liability insurance, and I believe that the name of the insurance and the role of thIs project we Will not feel strange, because we often watch drama when, in the hairRaw traffic accidents, vehicle damage friction Is going to be such a sentence; it does not matter, I bought a third party liability insurance, the insurance company Will deal with. Yes, thIs one Is for insurance to people walking on the road and other vehicles to protect the process, after all, now there are more and more Car owners, the city’s development process faster and faster every day the streets are human to come, busy to describe, in a timely manner and then be Careful, there Will be time to make mIstakes, and if the owners are not Careful party Is likely to cause unnecessary harm to others or others vehicles, which Is the purchase of third-party liability insurance the owner Will be able to take advantage of the rights and obligations of third-party liability insurance to be processed in compensation for the injured party costs required, so the rIsk Is greatly reduced the burden on the owner of force to protect the rights of owners, so in thIs buns repeatedly reminded Car owners, thIs must also be dangerous, very important!

ThIs last insured Is “non-deductible insurance,” and the two insurance as the insurance project Is in a very important position, Where necessary scenario Will play its role, but for thIs rIsk, we are relatively new, so-called “non-deductible insurance”, its full name Is “special, excluding franchIse clause” Is an additional rIsk of a business insurance, need only be done in the case of the purchase of additional insurance primary insurance to buy, it usually refers to the role of the owner due to the deductible amount assumed responsibility for the accident transferred to the insurance company, claims the amount the owner would receive more, However, non-deductible insurance, then it Will only Car damage insurance and third party liability insurance worth franchIse passed on responsibility for the accident insurance company. Therefore, when buying Auto insurance, the owner should give Car damage insurance and third party liability insurance are not deductible insurance, claims its own rights and interests are maximized.

Throughout the above three spoken insurance, are good to protect the legitimate rights of persons driving, personal safety and passenger Car owners have very robust protection, encountered traffic accident when the owner no longer have to worry about Will bring their own great trouble, but in addition to these three essential insurance, the owner can also be some other projects according to their own travel case insurance, for example, glass breakage alone, pilfer, scratches insurance, insurance and other spontaneous combustion, but thIs Is a reminder buns in the major owners, safe on the trip, happy home.