Just take the first time to buy a car driver’s license, insurance, so buy only the most correct

our first time Car owners Will face the first question: the face of chaotic state of the Auto insurance, Auto insurance how we want it more cost effective to buy it?

First, we must stop believing 4S point bluffing saying “Not all rIsks 4S shop to buy a Car doors are open not even go out,” the law as long as the vehicle You have to pay high insurance Will be able to open the road. We want to know all rIsks covered in the insurance business were additional insurance, buying a full look at our owners have no such requirements. Of course, I smiled and suggested that we take the driver’s license at the beginning or novice drivers prepare a relatively good, if a little scratch small rub themselves to feel bad Car does not say, Is more important than safety.

that we consider how to buy a Car which Is not advantageous to buy energy? First, we should focus on people buy insurance, such as third party liability insurance, insurance driver and passenger insurance. Specific sum insured may consider appropriate, in accordance with the habits and economic conditions of the city’s own Car, another Car damage insurance aspects can be considered as needed. For older drivers, their driving skills more confident, less Car damage insurance buy it anyway. If, as said above Is just to get a driver’s license, then buy something in high-end Cars would recommend appropriate high point of your Car damage insurance, after all, the repair time when you hear a headlight to 3000, when their own money Is still very Routeng.

Second, we need to know the Car damage insurance premium Will be based on the annual number of occurrences of the previous year to do deals, the less dangerous condition that year to pay the premium preferential It Will be. Of course, to pay high insurance, then from the beginning of 2019 that there would be no preferential policy of.

so our most cost-effective way to insured safe driving. After all, as long as the dangerous condition Is necessarily bad things happen, even if it Is a small rub Will not affect mood.