Just buy the four car insurance, insurance salesmen: buy all the insurance companies to give money

When buying a Car, many consumers do not Care how to buy Car insurance should be more cost-effective, because a Car Is moving tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, one more or less an insurance coverage, relative to the vehicle total For the price, basically negligible. However, from the other side to think, some Car insurance to buy, basically be to give money to the insurance company, in the end Is what insurance does, let’s see.

Auto insurance coverage are:

1 traffic accident liability compulsory insurance

2 third party liability insurance (primary insurance)

3 vehicle damage insurance (primary insurance)

4 non-deductible (additional rIsk)

5 vehicle liability insurance (additional rIsk)

full motor Car 6 pilfer (additional insurance)

7 rIsk of spontaneous combustion (additional rIsk)

8 body scratches damage insurance (additional insurance)

9 glass breakage alone (additional rIsk)

what we should buy Car insurance the most practical? Many seasoned owners are well aware, only to pay high insurance Car insurance Is mandatory purchase, the other for commercial insurance. Third party liability insurance, loss of vehicle insurance, vehicle liability insurance, non-deductible purchase four kinds of insurance, other insurance does not have to waste money to buy.

because the Car after the accident, 90% of Car insurance terms are loss of vehicle insurance and pay high insurance payment. That Is not deductible insurance what does it mean? In fact, after the Car accident that corresponds to the deductible of the insured bear, generally 30% of the amount, non-deductible purchase, which Is 30% full by the insurance company for compensation.

Why do not recommend that you buy 6Insurance -9 term it? Such insurance Is also known as additional insurance, additional insurance Is separate from the full protection purchased separately. For example, the entire vehicle pilfer, a little exaggeration to say, be regarded as giving the insurance company’s insurance, as well as body scratches loss insurance, also a “pit.” Why do you say that?

body scratches insurance need to buy, quite additional cost, the insurance company that the Car paint scratches alone, conditions are very unreasonable. Thoughts From another perspective, if hurt a little scratch went up painting, a few hundred dollars to get something, but also reported that insurance premiums increased again next year, and more of a need for the money, the consumer Is completely hoodwinked By.

Conclusion: The above four do not need to buy insurance, even the insurance salesman said, but also to the insurance company money to buy. If you are, you Will waste more than a thousand dollars to buy the “nothingness” of insurance do?