Just buy car insurance these three, the other Is just a waste of money to buy

Car insurance Is a very common, if not bought the insurance, even the Cards are not on the Car. However, insurance Is not the only one, but there are many, except for some Will buy insurance, there are many different insurance we can choose from. However, due to various types of insurance, so many people do not know what to buy, after all, not everyone Is buying a luxury Car, so full insurance Is not practical, but a waste of money, the annual premium Is not a small overhead. In addition, 4S shop salesman Is also an obstacle, because they make you buy more insurance, in order to charge a commIssion.

Then, in the Car, which the insurance should buy it? For thIs problem, the traffic police gave a true answer, in addition to these three types of insurance, purchase additional insurance are just a waste of money!

The first Is to pay high insurance, the insurance must have Needless to say, we all know that thIs insurance Is a must buy, if they do not pay high insurance Car Is not allowed on the road, it Is mandatory to buy insurance, the purpose of the legitimate rights and interests of owners and others, Imagine, if you can not even pay high insurance do not buy, but you’re still a pauper, if an accident , that really did not even paid the money, and for others it Is very unfair, although pay high insurance payment and the amount paid Is not high, but at least there Is the most basic protection. If the vehicle does not purchase insurance to pay strong road traffic police caught, he Will face a double penalty, at the same time, we must remember, to pay high insurance label to be affixed to the upper right corner of the windshield oh.

The second named Excluding special insurance deductible, thIs Is not compulsory insurance, but the actual use Is very large. Because the general insurance, the payment Is a certain range, for example, you buy insurance seat, when the vehicle injured personnel situation Will arIse of payment, or Is wading insurance, flood damage occurs only vehicle situation before They Will be paid, but these are not the full protection of insurance type. Without special insurance deductible when the vehicle Is in a Car accident occurs, the insurance company paid for full service, not like other insurance as there Is a certain franchIse.

The third Is that we are more familiar with that third party liability insurance, the Insurance plainly, Is not insured hIs Car, but someone else’s Car, in the event of a crash, if there Is a third party, it Will cover the losses of the insured third party, and thIs insurance, Jige suggest that you buy credits or a little higher Is better, after all, so many rich, luxury Cars Is not a rare commodity, but if collIsion to luxury Cars, the amount paid Is still high, so buy a little higher third party liability insurance, for their protection Is still very large.