Just buy car insurance these three, enough to paid most of your car accident

thousands and thousands of Car insurance, in the end choose which one Is good, thIs Is a lot of prospective owners of the most dIstressing thing, because so many insurance simply do not know what a good buy, buy more afraid to lose money, buy less afraid to encounter something not within the scope of insurance claims, and thus delay the aIsle I do not know what Is good insurance. In fact, just bought three Car insurance, payment Is enough to most of your accident.

The first Is that we must buy, if you do not buy can not be on the road, and that Is to pay high insurance, which Is the country requires that all vehicles must buy if you do not buy it off the road, but when examined, but also need to provide owners pay high insurance policy, the MinIstry of Public Security and the left at the end. The maximum payment to pay high insurance 12.2 million, of which only 2,000 yuan belonging to Car damage, 10,000 as compensation for medicine, another 11 million are compensation for death.

The second Is third party liability insurance, as the name suggests, thIs insurance Is paid to the other side of the order, if there Is a third party in an accident, then thIs may use the insurance be paid. And now on the road so many luxury Cars and pedestrians, casual touches can go bankrupt, so the third party liability insurance Is a must buy, but also buy the paid amount as high as possible, but also a conservative one million of the amount paid to deal with most cases .

when the third Is non-deductible special insurance, thIs Is an additional rIsk, in insurance companies for claims, and in many cases Will not be the full amount, but paid to a certain amount, but if you buy the insurance, then the insurance company must pay the full amount. For example, you create a million of claims, but the insurance companies only give you a 800 000, you need another 200,000 of their own money, but if you buy a special insurance Is not deductible, the insurance company that would require full pay 1 million, you have a do not dig a penny.