It has the lowest car insurance rates 10

with the lowest premium rate of 10 Cars! Car insurance industry spent more than $ 1 billion a year to convince you to reduce the rate by switching to the company. However, there Is a secret, these companies Will not tell you: the type of vehicle you drive Will affect your rate, not the company you choose. If you are going to save a lot of cash for your Car insurance, consider the following ten Cars in one.

1. Jeep Wrangler

Many people would be surprIsed to see the SUV on the lIst. However, thIs Is not a mIstake. The basic Jeep Wrangler Is actually the cheapest Car insurance last year. For the driving hIstory of 40 years of single men with no major negative, with an average premium of only $ 1,000 or more. Why so cheap insurance company so safe? The basic version Is not particularly expensive, but also very cheap to repair. In fact, most dents can be fixed by simply replacing the damaged panel for the new panel. In addition, thIs SUV has handling and safety features that make it unlikely to be involved in an accident, which Is one of the primary factors insurance companies. Since

2. Honda Odyssey minivan

since 1995, first introduced in the United States, Honda Odyssey has been the most Welcome to the family Car. It Is the fourth generation of Americans, the Odyssey’s low rate Car insurance, because it has incredible security. Over the years, it has been a top security choice the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, including rollover sensors, front and side airbags, daytime running lights and electronic stability control systems. If you encounter an accident, Odyssey Will be almost as safe and tanks, thus reducing insurance claims, thereby reducing insurance premiums. These features Honda Odyssey earned a five-star safety rating Highway Traffic Safety AdminIstration. If you want to save more, please select the basic LX version instead of the EX upgrade, which requires more expense to ensure.

3. Jeep Patriot Sport Crossover

Patriot Is another due to its safety and low cost of insurance SUV.Patriots aim Is to undertake a variety of terrain, so it has the legendary stability and traction, can prevent accidents in the slippery conditions are most likely to occur. Additionally, Jeep Patriot Sport Crossover Is one of the enhanced vehicle on the market, because it Is often used off-road and sports activities. Its roof and sides have been reinforced, to withstand collIsion or rollover. When the passenger walked away unharmed from a variety of possible collIsions, the insurance companies are Willing to lower interest rates. ThIs Car Will definitely be ready for your wallet and daily security.

4. Honda CR-V LX

If you want to enjoy in a much smaller Car low insurance rates, the Honda CR-V should be one of your first choice. While the CR-V Is difficult to manufacture like a tank, but it Is smaller in size, surprIsingly strong. However, the real reason Car insurance premiums low in its processing power. All CR-V features legendary handling, has a large Honda, electronic stability control and antilock brakes, but the use of a smaller, easier packaging operations. It Is impossible to lose control of the Car, making Car insurance companies and consumers winner.

5. Chrysler Town and Country minivans

While it may not sporty, but Chrysler Town & Country minivan the average premium was $ 1,140, ‚Äč‚Äčabout one third of some Cars. In addition to storage space for all passengers and people might want, the van Is relatively safe. In setting rates, safety Is always a major consideration Car insurance companies. However, another reason Is the cost of insurance Is very expensive town and country: Repairing it Is cheap. Since the external apparatus together manner, most of the dimples can be easily removed, or as an alternative a new pop-up panel. If a minor accident, it Is more likely than a major accident occurs, the insurance company Will leave a small bill. In fact, even maintenance costs may not exceed the deductible drivers.

6. Jeep compass

Jeep apparently low insurance rates winner company, there are so many vehicles on the lIst. Jeep Compass Is a low-cost Car insurance with a cross-border SUV, its causes and many other Jeep models the same: it Is very safe, with a variety of control functions, and traction and reinforced to withstand shocks. In addition, repair minor body damage Is very cheap, constitute the majority of Car insurance claims. However, there Is another important factor in making cheap Jeep Compass Insurance: Who Is driving it. Such people tend to choose cross family or professionals, it may be safe drivers. Combined with safety features jeep, which makes the rIsk of huge insurance claims Is very low.

7. Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback Is a favorite outdoor sports enthusiasts, because it has a small SUV Car processing functions and function space. For similar reasons, it Is the insurance company’s favorite. Institute for Highway Safety has been Subaru’s entire product line named “best safety choice.” No other Car manufacturer can have such security, insurance companies like thIs. Another factor Subaru lower insurance rates Is its popularity in the outdoors type, middle-aged professionals and other groups typically have a low rIsk of collIsion. Subaru driver might buy it to get space and handling, rather than speed or off-road capability. These people are less likely to occur accident, Subaru Is therefore considered to be a good insurance rIsk. .

8 Dodge Journey

A key reason Dodge Journey Crossover SUV Is very low premium rates: the price Is reasonable. When the Car repair and replacement of cheap cheap, the cheaper the insurance of course. In addition, the Dodge Journey Is not a particular movement or high power. It Is a rugged family Cars, but not for anything you extreme driving. ThIs also makes it has a lower rIsk of accidents. In general, the third row of anything Will spend less money insurance because it Is likely to be a family Car. People in the transportation of children and other relatives to be Careful driving; Auto insurance companies when setting premiums Will take thIs into account.

9 Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge Grand Caravan Is the most popular family Cars, for several reasons. Although it Is large, but its safety and good handling make it a favorite of parents and insurance companies. While it may not competitive Honda minivan that high level of security, but its cost Is very low. Dodge Grand Caravan repair or replacement costs far lower than the Honda Grand Caravan, which could have an enormous impact on insurance rates. Although the Dodge Grand Caravan lack some high-tech security features other popular minivans, such as rollover sensing, but it Is still a safe minivan with anti-lock braking and traction control and other necessary functions. These features low price, the Grand Caravan has become a very cheap minivan.

10. Ford Escape

Compared with other similar small SUV manufacturers, Ford Escape insurance reduced by 50% for those who wIsh to reduce the cost of Auto insurance, thIs Is a good choice. Why Is that? Ford Escape design of inexpensive repairs. Its body and frame design for minimal maintenance fender through a curve, very low cost. Because these accounts for the majority of insurance claims, the Ford Escape Is a low-cost leader. Ford Escape has also been named one of the best Car adolescents, their insurance costs are often very high. Any person who Is looking for the driver of the vehicle height can save insurance costs for the new Escape driver should be regarded as one of the most important possibilities.