Insured vehicle which Is a must buy

without a Car when you want to buy because it Is convenient. With the Car when thinking about selling it, because for most people, especially when they’re actually used less. Just less than do not say, but also to pay the insurance, fuel can not open, you can do a little maintenance, but every year the insurance Is no less real to spend a penny.

so many people are thinking about, you could save from the insurance a little bit, after all, can be a little bit out of the province. Then thIs involves what Is necessary to purchase the insurance, what the insurance can not buy or buy less. Buy Car insurance, Is to buy the insurance according to their actual situation, what it can buy the insurance, which do not have to buy it?

Car insurance Is divided into pay high insurance and commercial insurance are two, of course, to pay high insurance to buy, because pay high insurance Is required by national law it must be paid. Even if you do not buy commercial insurance, it Is to be forced to pay high insurance purchased every year. So except to pay high insurance and commercial insurance in how much money you could save.

must recommend to buy third party liability insurance, Car damage, non-deductible insurance. The rest Is up to purchase their own vehicle situation. In accordance with the following sequence to talk about what the vehicle can optionally purchase insurance.

1, the price of the vehicle Is lower than the 200,000

on the proposed purchase of such vehicles third party liability insurance + + does not count avoid Car damage + compensation insurance to pay high insurance. Because there Is no need to buy insurance or scratches wading insurance, and pilfer, glass insurance. There are two reasons, first, the insurance amount Is not big, two hundred Will be able to solve small problems like scratches, no need to increase the dangerous condition of the insurance rate increases. Second, low maintenance cost.

2, vehicle price 400,000 or less

Such vehicles need to increase the number of insurance, in addition to the other than third party liability insurance Car damage + + + non-deductible insurance to pay high insurance, one can increase the rIsk of scratches, as these vehicles often need to scratch treatment costs a small fortune.

3, vehicle

third party liability insurance prices in more than 400,000 Car damage insurance + + + non-deductible insurance to pay compulsory insurance must be purchased before the proposed purchase of scratch insurance and glass insurance, and then pilfer part of the purchase (although vehicle security Is relatively high), and especially in the south, a wading to buy insurance or spontaneous combustion rIsk.

Why? The high price of the vehicle, often in the performance of the above vehicle or vehicles to protect the property complete because, unlike low-price Car, the high price of the vehicle repair costs of vehicle replacement parts or aspects of the costs are high. So, can contain as much as possible of all insurance purchase Is complete, even if no one can use the white waste.

Of course, the best results are obtained with less, are less than one, but the insurance protection Is assured. Anyone not want to use, but used the results we can play unexpected. So, the main driving safety, I wIsh you never less than insurance, even if the sum of money spent each year.