Insurance ye buy a new car the best deal? Old driver told you: Do not waste your money, enough to buy three kinds

the most cost-effective to buy a new Car Insurance ye? Old driver told you: Do not waste money to buy these three Is enough. Now for some of the above road vehicle really Is becoming more and more, and now the road Is also a lot of really complicated than before, and some probability of traffic accidents Is particularly high, so a lot of their owners after buying a Car, the first time are also to give their Car insurance, then the type of insurance for the modern Car really Is particularly large, but also for the owners Will feel considerable confusion for our own What the insurance on the Car in the end need to be able to protect some of their own interests Will not suffer it, so a lot of novice drivers and they are completely unaware of today, and we also want to give some of my own suggestions about how we can refer also to be able to on Car insurance, old driver also told us not to waste money, buy three also do.

first kind to say that Is a third party liability insurance, but also for a name like thIs, we are able to know that it Is a direct compensation to third party, so and the driver Is absolutely no relationship, in fact, the type Is very intellectual an insurance for third party liability insurance, so it Is also possible as a supplement to pay high insurance so for the case where the amount to pay high insurance if not lost in , third party liability insurance for its usefulness, have also been dIsplayed. For hIs third party insurance Is divided into insurance and insurance 1,000,000 500,000, then for like two lines of insurance in fact, are to make a purchase, according to some locate your vehicle if your vehicle Is a low-end Car models, then still propose to purchase 500,000 but if you can be a high-end Car Is best to buy 1 million of insurance, so as not to lose yourself.

the first two kinds Is to pay high insurance, and for an insurance like thIs, it Is also a provIsion must buy, it Is mandatory insurance, and for the full name of which Is to pay high insurance after traffic accident liability compulsory insurance, so he Is a road traffic accident by the insurance company to the insured vehicle caused some victims of personal injury property damage, and for hIs liability limit also Will be given compensation, it also belongs to the mandatory liability insurance, but to pay high insurancePremiums are also about 950 yuan before, but from the beginning of thIs year also have some new floating mechanIsm, but also linked to traffic accidents and, if the lower rate on your Car escape from danger Is particularly high, so for the coming year post Insurance Will also Will be increased, but also insurance and no longer as a fixed amount before.

A third Is non-deductible insurance for its full name Is the special clause excluding franchIse, so it Is also part of a commercial Automobile insurance in one of the insurance, in fact, for non-deductible, he Is also as an additional insured, but also need to master the conditions of insurance for the insured, so he also can not be insured separately in addition, some of the traffic accident, then if you happened , in accordance with the provIsions of the insurance primary insurance franchIse terms corresponding to compute, so it should also bear the deductible amount Is part of a self-insured, and the insurance companies are also in the limits of liability Will be within responsible for compensation, the non-deductible insurance, it really Is necessary to make a purchase, but also for its franchIse also Will reach 30%.

In fact, for everyone in the final summary, that Is our general family Car, as long as the purchase of pay compulsory insurance, third party insurance and non-deductible thIs three kinds of it can, in fact, there are some more glass box like scratches insurance, etc., I think it Is not necessary to purchase a special regIster, after all, for our Car also are not those of the top luxury Cars, a parts They are needed on the yuan, which for me Is that only need to buy the three insurance also can buy more, just a waste of money and are no longer applicable. For the above mentioned these Is the most cost-effective to buy a new Car Insurance ye? Old driver told you: Do not waste money to buy these three Is enough.