Insurance Website Data Report: 10 car models most prone to speeding, Subaru grabbed first place

driving down the road, whether novice or old drivers, it Is inevitable there Will be the possibility of speeding. But foreign investigations quite interesting, Is investigating 10 Car models most prone to speeding, thIs lIst actually appeared in jeeps and pickup trucks are more of these rare Cars.

findings, open Subaru WRX owners, the highest proportion of speeding.

from the speeding up of the 10 US insurance comparIson website Insurify proportion of publIshed Cars, a survey of more than 160 million vehicles shall have Car insurance, and the results are not so-called high-level performance Car, but the general public vehicles, the survey showed an average of 11.28% of owners Will receive at least a speeding ticket.

won first place, Subaru WRX, at least 20.12% of the owners Will receive a speeding ticket, thIs figure Is almost twice the average index. Second place for Toyota sub-brand Scion FR-S sports Car, the Car Is actually the brother of 86 Toyota vehicles, the third Is a lot of people familiar with the Volkswagen Golf GTI, 17%.

Golf GTI has been a favorite of many players the performance of the Car, the owner of speeding proportion of second place.

surprIsing, jeep Jeep Wrangler actually won the fifth, sixth and pickup lane Is odd RAM. In addition to Subaru WRX won the first place, the other Is no longer a surprIse Impreza, change to go home route Impreza, won the ninth. In addition Infiniti G37 sports Car earlier and Hyundai Veloster small coupe also made the lIst.

Impreza has been transformed into a family Car, the owner overdrive ratio has also entered the top ten.

driver most likely to speeding 10 Carts paragraph

The first one: Subaru WRX, 20.12%

No. 2: Scion FR-S, 19.09%

of 3: Volkswagen GTI, 16.92%

of 4: Hyundai GenesIs Coupe, 15.75%

of 5: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, 15.35%

of 6: Dodge RAM 2500,15.32%

No. 7: Dodge Dart, 14.86%

No. 8: Infiniti G37,14.72%

of 9: Subaru Impreza, 14.66 %

of 10: Hyundai Veloster, 14.48%

owners of the 10 most likely to speeding Cars.