Insurance Sales to say a big truth: car insurance to buy these three Is enough, the rest are a waste of money

sales tell the great truth of insurance: Auto insurance to buy these three Is enough, the rest are a waste of money

Many riders believe that after buying the Car, the first one thing Is to buy Auto insurance. But for many novice drivers, what to buy Auto insurance Is a screenwriters problem! So many novice riders silly to buy a variety of Auto insurance mess of a bunch of results to the last one would not open! Not only a waste of money, but also a waste of energy. In fact, thIs Auto insurance, we do not need to buy too much, the most important of the three Auto insurance we bought it, and that three specific Auto insurance specifically, what does? With a look.

The first and most important thing Is to pay high insurance up. ThIs Is nothing to say, Is necessary to buy insurance, the cost Is national unity. Now, however, pay high insurance for private Cars has not previously fixed 950 yuan a year, but according to the owner usually fluctuate traffic situation, the floating range was down 30%, that Is, floating between 665-1235 yuan. Traffic Insurance If you do not buy it, not only on the Card, but not seized vehicles. When

third party liability insurance, thIs insurance Is that once a traffic accident, third-party personnel or vehicles casualties, compensation to third party victims. Moreover, compared to the amount of compensation to pay high insurance insurance Will be greater, and there Will not be a breakdown of the compensation, said compensation Will not be because of the time, when once again the last payment of compensation amount Will be subtracted, so thIs insurance Is still very necessary purchase.

non-deductible insurance. Non-deductible insurance Is mainly for those who buy high insurance, if a larger Car accident occurred after the insurance only paid 80% of the normal fee of 20% or to other owners responsible for their own. If you have purchased non-deductible insurance, then the insurance company Will be out of the remaining 20% ​​for you. For some of the larger accident, the non-deductible insurance Is still very cost-effective.

old driver said, many people still consider, in the end or not to purchase insurance, of course, thIs Is their own thing, to only buy, others do thIs decIsion can not, but still have to remind you that in life there are too manyThe accident, while insurance Is one of our guarantee, although the insurance can not compensate all, but with it, at least was still a little insecure. But not to say that with the insurance can do whatever they want, while driving, we should pay attention to, not fatigue driving, drunk driving should not, after all, are not all losses can be insured compensation.