Insurance Is due to expire soon, Will choose, and how to buy car insurance?

Will choose to buy insurance

most people when buying Auto insurance, there Will be a psychological level, such as my Car was bare purchase price Is 115,000, I hope can accept Auto insurance cost Is less than 4,000 yuan. First year not had insurance, to pay high insurance Is 855 yuan, travel tax 480 yuan, then the commercial insurance budget got left 3665 yuan, then I’m going to choose Will buy the insurance.

third party liability insurance (100W Is recommended you), put it plainly, it Is hoped you hit the luxury Car can afford to stay; Car damage: obviously prices can play a little lower, so that the sum insured can save a little, but many of the normal high prices, so premiums have gone up, understand, Is driven by interests ;

caustic danger in their own Car can pay maintenance costs

If you want to buy insurance portfolios are more cost-effective, in addition to the previous pay compulsory insurance, third party liability insurance, we buy a few.

caustic danger, thIs Is basically the bulk of which Is the price of insurance, and the more expensive your Car Is, the higher its price of insurance.

When the Car Is good technology, and the Car Is not a Car you can choose only three 500,000, and caustic danger Is not deductible. It Is noteworthy that if the Car Is more than 5 years, the proposed purchase of spontaneous combustion rIsk, because the opportunity for more than 5 years of spontaneous combustion Car Is much higher than other Cars. At the same time, if located in the South, it recommended that owners buy wading insurance, after all, the South frequent rain. If the Car was flooded, the insurance company to help reduce losses.