Insurance company employee turnover puts it: car insurance Will buy three, the other basically money pit

Basically, then, when we buy a Car must be to buy insurance, because now if we go to buy to pay high insurance Is mandatory, and generally speaking, then, when we buy insurance to pay strong, it Will incidental travel tax and various other expenses, so that it Will be many owners to buy insurance. Such considerations, in fact, but also to many of my friends Is not enough to buy an insurance after buying a Car, not just your own if there Is an accident, then, that time Will certainly harm. But actually speaking, then, to pay high insurance in real life, and of little use, because of the amount of compensation to which it Is too small, so that owners Will be more or less to buy yet another Car insurance.

And thIs time there are some Car owners to purchase commercial insurance, when these business and can not dIstinguIsh what to buy insurance, commercial insurance often full set of bells and whIstles down, four or five thousand dollars, in fact, down to last throughout the year, also found that a less than to spend time on a white. The Xiaobing recently and who has worked in the insurance company recruits a long time chatting with friends, the friend said he was about to quit the industry, and also for the purchase of Auto insurance should say what kinds of told Xiao Bian look, just like today small to share with everyone.

First, it Is the first point of the vehicle officers insurance, which Is what we usually say seat insurance, it can be said that many owners would not choose an insurance in fact thIs insurance, then, in fact, in terms of words Is very useful basically, a lot of people buy a Car, can not be said to be driving themselves out. Therefore, once the accident occurs, it may be necessary to compensate passengers on board from which an insurance compensation, so say our friends in the choice of Auto insurance when thIs show do not forget.

The second point Is that the third party liability insurance, it can be said for many owners tripartite dangerous if not too well, basically speaking, then, many of my friends choose to buy Insurance when heard people say three insurance Is very important, and the three insurance Is third party liability insurance. In general, if there are 300,000 500,000 1 million and more. Basically, thIs insurance Is the third addition to the owners and insurance companiesParty, after being caused economic losses of some of the acts owners side, by the insurance company to bear the corresponding financial compensation. But thIs insurance, then there are some caveats, if it Is the owner side accident, caused by the other appears dIsability, then insurance Is only responsible for all costs prior to hospital dIscharge, follow-up maintenance after not have any relationship with the insured.

The last point Is important to note that non-deductible additional rIsks have to buy, it can be said after the owner bought a lot of insurance, if you do not buy thIs additional rIsk, then, it Will be the emergence of a problem that after the accident, the insurance company has a certain franchIse, but sometimes according to thIs franchIse, the owner of a certain party would own money, say 20% franchIse then need to compensate 100,000, then the owner Will need to come up with 20,000. That if you buy the non-deductible additional rIsks, then it Will be 100,000 to full compensation insurance company, of course, in thIs day and age must be within the range of the amount of compensation agreed between the.

finIshed, just like today small to share with you here, ladies and gentlemen, if these things there are different views and opinions, welcome in the comments area comments, put your ideas out, we dIscuss the dIscussion.