Insurance company employee turnover advice: car insurance Will buy these three, the other basically money pit

after you happily buying the Car need to follow what mattered to buy things Is it? That Is a large number of various guIses Car insurance, which Is not only a matter of personal Willingness to buy, but we also have the relevant provIsions of the State, like the cross-strong Car insurance Is mandatory for each of our government motorIsts to buy, but also buy the also use additional named insured to pay high insurance of the ship in the delivery of the vehicle taxes have other assorted costs, but also a lot of friends in the purchase of the Car drivers pay high insurance after thIs one can buy an additional insurance operations, in the final analysIs, thIs after all, Is for their own good, when it comes out a little unexpected, be sure it Is more or less lost, because only by a forced to pay high insurance can receive compensation if it Is very small, can not play any significant role!

Here I come to tell you three effects are very good and have to buy Car insurance, which Is a long-term insurance company of friends from the company after the declaration of loyalty to my resignation!

in the first place to buy insurance must be relatively more important that the Automobile insurance board staff, said seat Is easy to understand some of the rIsks, such insurance once in accidents Is very practical, because since you bought a Car Will certainly have other people do your Car ah, but it all out accidents, compensation for passengers sitting in the Car can be compensation by the insurance, so thIs Is an insurance must not forget ah!

ranked second important thing Is common third-party liability, and some motorIsts may have heard of thIs but not very familiar with thIs insurance the amount of compensation thirty-five one hundred thousand, and so on, have a lot of classification, it simply refers to the addition to Car drivers as well as insurance companies, because some of the behavior of motorIsts had some economic losses, the insurance company can come for economic compensation for the but thIs use also has some small restrictions that the insurance Is only responsible for the costs until the appropriate third party dIscharged hurt, as after the dIscharge and insurance costs Will have nothing up!

Finally, the name of a kind of insurance to buy it Is called non-deductible additional rIsks, not difficult to understand the meaning of thIs means that once a motorIst can not think of a traffic accident when the insurance company people there have some insurance deductible rate, for example, people on the insurance company has franchIse three percent, so should have spent one hundred thousand people then the insurance company would only need to dig 70,000 to the rest of you! But you bought the insured does not have thIs problem! Here three kinds of insurance Will basically become a comprehensive introduction! What you have to recommend it?