Insurance company employee accidentally revealed: three must-buy car insurance, others are “pit”

Basically, when we buy a Car, you Will buy a kind of insurance, for example, today we are forced to pay high insurance, but in general we purchase vehicles, emergency and they Will comes with some travel tax and various fees, so for many people Will buy an additional insurance, in fact, a lot of friends after buying a Car, an insurance Is not enough to buy, but there Is also after the accident rescue Is not going to give you the claim a lot of that time Is definitely dangerous, not only to yourself Practically speaking, to pay high insurance in real life, and of little use, because the amount of compensation it Is too small, back and go buy another Car insurance, we collectively referred to as “all rIsks” as the name suggests, thIs insurance Cards out of a lot of the insurance project, which we should have to buy insurance Is it? Xiao Bian inadvertently in the mouth of an insurance company employee asked to be looked at.

In fact, the first point Is that the insurance board staff, which Is what we usually seat insurance, in fact, can be said that many owners would not choose thIs Insurance in fact, thIs Is actually the insurance Is very important, basically a lot of people buying Cars, said he could not open, so the event of a traffic accident, the Car’s passenger compensation claims Will be Carried out from thIs insurance, do the dangerous condition of the insurance on time, do not want to forget thIs insurance, it really Is particularly important,

the second Is the insurance third party liability insurance, it can be said when a lot of Car owners are not sure whether the third-party liability insurance Is what’s the use? You say, a lot of friends in the purchase of the Car, lIstening to people say that the third party liability insurance Is very important, and three third-party insurance Is really dangerous, in general, then there Is unequal 300,000, 500,000 or 1 million, after a lot of people came to the insurance company, we Will recommend you buy such insurance, the main purpose of such insurance Is one of the owners after some, causing economic losses by insurance companies to bear the corresponding economic claims, but thIs insurance, then there Is a local need to pay attention, if the dIsability caused by the other appear, then the insurance Is only responsible for follow-up after all expenses before dIscharge, conservation not have any relationship with the insured. That we must pay attention to

to the big finalHouse to say what it Is to be noted, additional non-deductible insurance, such insurance Is a must buy, and tell you, many insurance in the toilet after purchase, if you do not buy thIs kind of additional rIsks, it would the emergence of a case, after an accident, the insurance company has a certain franchIse, but sometimes according to thIs franchIse, the owner party Will bear some of the funds themselves, so if the owner bought thIs additional non-deductible insurance, then thIs 10 ten thousand money entirely borne by the insurance companies themselves, of course, in thIs day and age must be within the range of the amount of compensation agreed between the.

Well, today Xiao Bian gave you share here, if you have any different views and opinions, you can give me a message oh in the comments area , buy insurance it Is the most important, we do not slack off, everyone wants to travel in peace, but once there Is an accident or a small cut rub or insurance to more worry and effort to it. Finally, I hope you can travel safe oh.