Insurance companies sell auto insurance customer service! look here! Teach you to buy auto insurance the most money!

insurance companies to sell Auto insurance customer service! look here! Teach you to buy Auto insurance the most money!

everybody in Europe, in fact, more and more Auto insurance buying tips to get people’s attention. How to buy Car insurance was the most money? We guarantee safety nets that to solve thIs problem, we must clear to buy Auto insurance channels, select the type of Auto insurance and Auto insurance buying tips strengths and weaknesses, combined with the actual situation with the least money to buy a Car the most appropriate insurance!

In fact, I believe we Will receive more or less the insurance company’s customer service to sell Auto insurance phone. To introduce you to all kinds of insurance, let you add some additional optional insurance and accident insurance. Most customers are thinking about buying all rIsks everything Is worry-free. Everyone Is wrong! ThIs Is a mIsunderstanding, “all rIsks” Is just a generic name. Paul mean more comprehensive insurance. Insurance companies must be able to protect your insurance gave you insured!

And, you hit someone or cause damage to third parties, including the butt, you paid for the insurance. In fact, the average amount of 300,000, 500,000, 1 million, 2 million, the insurance when you can choose the amount exceeds thIs amount, you pay for their own. For example, you accidentally butt, and finally the court sentenced compensation 1 million, and you had only 500,000 insurance limit. The insurance company dig only $ 500,000, leaving 500,000 going your own way filled.

Some people would ask, Why can not find a Car damaged third party liability insurance. ThIs Is well understood that it considered additional rIsk of Car damage, Is only two years out of the new insurance. Meaning that you people are not in the Car, waiting for you to come back when the Car Is virtually scratch or collIsion losses, and thIs Is the other side liable for compensation, but the other ran dead and thIs Is how to do the monitoring. In fact, all right, the insurance company Will give you payment, but not the full amount. 30% absolute franchIse. Like to give you only pay 10,000 you lose 7000 Buy a Car damage, then I strongly recommend that you add insurance. Is particularly cheap, generally only tens of dollars.

Along with thIs, the motor insurance insurance mainly two basic insurance and nine additional insurance components. Basic insurance for the loss of vehicle insurance and third partyLiability insurance, including the entire vehicle daoqiangxian additional insurance, vehicle liability insurance, Car Cargo liability insurance, spontaneous loss of insurance, glass breakage alone, fault liability insurance, excluding special insurance deductible insurance loss and also suspended body scratches loss insurance.

or cause the vehicle to be flooded with water in engine damage. The insurance the insurance companies of varying definitions, see the terms of detail, some flooded stalled, you are no longer moving Car towed to a repair insurance company paid. If you turn off after the restart cause engine damage, they do not lose thIs. So, protect the insurance of friends, as long stalled in the water, do not attempt to start the vehicle again most at ease. Tender premiums may hit 7 fold, and enjoy VIP service, group insurance units can benefit from lower Auto insurance rates, and enjoy the vip service, called vip service, refers to a small accident can free site survey link, the owner without waiting for insurance company forensics personnel to the scene, they used a cell phone or a camera photo evidence to the insurance company claims you can!

to pay high insurance Is the insurance company on the road happen insured motor vehicle traffic accidents victims of personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit enforcement of liability insurance, the full name of “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, Is U.S.’s compulsory insurance. All vehicles must be on, to be clear Is that when a traffic accident compensation, compulsory insurance Is to pay compensation to the party hit, and the amount of compensation Is limited. Non-deductible insurance, full name, excluding special clause franchIse, Is an additional rIsk. In many accident compensation, the insurance company has a 5% to 20% of the franchIse. When the purchase Is not deductible, the deductible amount because the owners assumed responsibility for the accident were all transferred to the insurance company, but also to make more claims of the owners received.

and caustic danger Is paid to the insured’s own. Including collIsion, scratch, fire flooding, crushing losses caused by natural dIsasters and so on. Also note that there two things: a separate component damage Is not lost, in fact, when thIs happens do not worry, naturally plus getting off work, the individual becomes a multi-site damage on the line, do not feel bad, the insurance company Will help you fix, modification, loss of items inside the Car and engine damage caused by flooding Is not compensable. So if you are very expensive to buy a new modification partsIncreased equipment insurance, best not to put valuables in the Car, the engine lost a dedicated wading insurance.

In other words if it Is their own one day accidentally hit hIs Car, collIsion, scratch there Is flooding fire, smashed things out of the sky It Is compensable. However, just hit the glass, lights, wheels, tires or rear-view mirror, earthquakes and terrorIst attacks the insurance company Is not compensable. Engine damage caused by flooding Is not lost, and thIs Is to buy separately.