Insurance companies sell auto insurance customer service! Do not be silly, teach you how to buy auto insurance the most money

I believe we Will receive more or less the insurance company’s customer service to sell Auto insurance phone. To introduce you to all kinds of insurance, let you add some additional optional insurance and accident insurance. Most customers are thinking about buying all rIsks everything Is worry-free. Everyone Is wrong! ThIs Is a mIsunderstanding, “all rIsks” Is just a generic name. Paul mean more comprehensive insurance. Insurance companies must be able to protect your insurance gave you insured. Let me tell you that a combination of several types of insurance, you can be insured according to their own needs under reference.

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1. strong insurance + 1000000 + third party liability insurance Is not deductible

thIs Is the most basic insurance portfolio, and Why Is the most basic insurance portfolio. Because pay high insurance Is sure to be insured, the state mandatory, or can not get up the road. You may say that there are several third party Is not the sum insured 300,000, 500,000. Why I do not buy 300,000 or 500,000 of the three, thIs Is not it cheaper? I Will give you an account balance, rIsk 500,000 insured a private Car and 1 million third-party liability insurance coverage amount difference 500,000, the price was much difference to two years without the dangerous condition of the Volkswagen Passat, for example, the price was 150 yuan difference. Now on the road luxury Cars luxury Cars everywhere, human death compensation Is also a lot higher than before, you can now save thIs 100 yuan, the dangerous condition of how much money you spend. That Is, a few Heyan your money. Of course, you run into a million Is not enough to pay the three trains. (Just kidding o (∩_∩) o) without additional insurance deductible Is, a dangerous condition to give you the highest payout in the range of insurance liability insurance company, be sure to buy.

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2. The Car damage + + strong insuranceThird party liability insurance 1 million + driver + passenger seat insurance 100 000 + caustic danger Is not deductible can not find each block third-party special insurance

ThIs Is more comprehensive, we drove quite cherIsh. If you own Careless driving resulting in loss of vehicle collIsion, thIs time it can damage the Car to be paid. I suggest that if the Car damage Is not more than 500 yuan, then trim their own money on the line, no need to report the Car damage. Since then report caustic danger appeared the second year of commercial insurance Will go up, a bit more harm than good.

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as the driver of passengers Insurance Is the seat of the vehicle accidents, causing personal injury or death on thIs Car seat Is the responsibility of the vehicle, the insurance company compensation in accordance with provIsions. There are 10 seats insurance sum insured amount. The entire -10 Million from 10,000 yuan. Large Asahi suggest that you do not protect low high security, after all, thIs insurance Is inexpensive to own and payment of. You can also protect only the driver (not recommended).

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I would say that we are not not buy a Car damage yet? Why buy a Car damage can not find third-party liability insurance (compare Raozui). ThIs Is well understood that it considered additional rIsk of Car damage, Is only two years out of the new insurance. Meaning that you people are not in the Car, waiting for you to come back when the Car Is virtually scratch or collIsion losses, and thIs Is the other side liable for compensation, but the other ran dead and thIs Is how to do the monitoring. All right, the insurance company Will give you payment, but not the full amount. 30% absolute franchIse. Like to give you only pay 10,000 you lose 7000 Buy a Car damage, then I strongly recommend that you add insurance. Particularly cheap, generally only tens of dollars.

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