Insurance buy these four Is enough, never been fooled sales personnel, the best newcomers look

Insurance buy these four Is enough, never been fooled sales personnel, the best newcomers look at

just to mention a lot of novice consumers after a new Car, it Will faced with the problem of Auto insurance to buy, in order to take preventive measures, can not wait to buy all of the Auto insurance. They think a Car tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, insurance one more or one less, relative to the total price of the Car, it can be basically negligible. But years of experience with the old driver told you to buy Auto insurance, just buy the four Will be, other than insurance usually involves basically, Is to buy a waste of money, and do not the insurance company of the person pit.

to pay high insurance, I believe A little Car knows, to pay high insurance national law provides for compulsory insurance system Is a must have to pay, and if you do not pay to pay high insurance , motor vehicle regIstration authorities Is not given, and Will not be tested. In other words, do not buy insurance to pay strong Car Is off the road, once checked, it may be at 2 times the minimum insurance limits of liability insurance penalty. Traffic Insurance after delivery Will be a sign that you are going to sign pasted on the front windshield, if the paste Is not checked, congratulations to pay a fine now.

commercial liability insurance. ThIs Is the most important, in the first to tell you Is so that we remember the importance of thIs insurance. In general, when a traffic accident, and you are responsible for time, then the cost of which Will be generated insurance claims. For example, like on your injured people, in addition to medical expenses, there Will be some compensation, then thIs time you can find a direct insurance company fix it, but you want to know Is, not what you want how much compensation how much Is the amount of your insurance coverage so the higher your compensation Will be higher, so here recommend vehicle owners can still buy insurance coverage a little higher Oh!

not deductible. We recommend that you insure the best special non-deductible insurance. According to statIstics, the dangerous condition when the owners are the most used Is caustic danger insurance and third party liability insurance, insurance Is not deductible by special insurance, in both types of insurance in order to get what you should bear the loss of 100% compensation. Of course, for different insurance companies, not all of the additional rIsks are not deductible, there’s no buyDeductible insurance there are also the owners themselves bear part of the cost of “absolute deductible” and therefore, insurance experts reminded owners in the purchase of Auto insurance must ask again choose to buy insurance.

board officers liability insurance. Board officers liability insurance Is the main function of the vehicle compensation for casualties caused by traffic accidents insurance. ThIs purchase insurance for the Car owner Is also very necessary, because if you drive or take the injured passenger who caused the death, then the insurance company Will give some compensation.


we buy a Car Is to drive, the number of accidents Is therefore normal to the occurrence. We want to buy to pay high insurance, Car damage insurance, liability insurance and non-deductible insurance these four types of insurance, other types of insurance can choose to look at the situation, as scratches can not buy insurance. Also, what do you think there must be some Auto insurance?