Insurance absolutely do not buy a car these three, the most useless waste of money, smart people Will not buy

absolutely do not buy the insurance to buy a Car these three, the most useless waste of money, smart people Will not buy

With the advent of the technological era, the Car we live in very common. Bought a Car friends all know, buying a Car Is not only to pay the money only Cars, but also to Car insurance, after all, a lot of killers, even after their own Car, no matter how Careful can not avoid the bumps. So more people choose to buy Car insurance, in case the Car appear a bad situation, the insurance company Will be paid a part, but also reduce their economic losses.

buy insurance Is generally divided into two types, one Is forced insurance, one Is all rIsks. As long as a Car Is to have compulsory insurance, many people buy after their Car Will be very Careful Care, where fear knock bumped, many people are more Willing to buy the whole Car insurance, you want to minimize their losses. In fact, all rIsks inside there are several in fact, it Is simply useless.

danger of spontaneous combustion, spontaneous combustion rIsk refers to the vehicle in the case of burning himself up unprovoked, typically for a new Car, the very low probability of spontaneous combustion. And usually there Is a new Car warranty period, usually three years, or even longer. If thIs period, the Car appeared in the case of spontaneous combustion, the manufacturers Will be paid. If your Car Is said to be a modified, and thIs vehicle after modification, the emergence of spontaneous combustion of insurance companies in order to evade Will not give in compensation, so that spontaneous combustion rIsk Is almost a useless insurance.

wading insurance, insurance means wading water after the vehicle , caused damage to some aspects of the Car, the insurance company Will compensate for the losses. But wading insurance payout range Is very small, if after Car after water immersion, engine damage, Is in the range of payment of the insurance company, if it Is damaged elsewhere, not in the scope of wading insurance payment within the.

and after the engine inlet, but Will cause the vehicle to stall, as long as no secondary starting the engine, it Will not cause engine damage, as long as the engine to repair shop moIsture dry enough. If you start the engine lead to secondary damage, the insurance company Is not compensable. Vehicle engine maintenance Is very expensive, if the engine Is started after wading secondary insurance company Is not paid, then buy wading insurance would not tell you very much.

pilfer, pilfer vehicle Is stolen or robbed vehicles after the insurance company Will be paid a certain funds, the scope of such payment rIsk on some of the more than wading, in addition to the loss of damages after the robbery, as well as the vehicle Is in the process of robbery, are within the scope of compensation. It sounds like a pretty good, in fact, there Is no need to purchase theft insurance.

because it Is relatively high social security control, can not someone thinking to Car theft or Car snatching, vehicle theft and robbery even hand, are unable to use their own occupying, because information on the vehicle are all the regIstration. And now on the streets of large and small, and the road has a camera, I believe that no one Will be foolIsh enough to go stealing the vehicle, even if the robbery Is successful, once the police, the vehicle Will be immediately recovered to. If someone wants to steal something evil intentions, just stealing a Car tire, Car or property, then these things were stolen after the insurance company Is not paid within range. So pilfer basically no use, if someone bought thIs pilfer, and that Is wasting your money.