In the end what to buy car insurance – Part II

Hello, everyone, and then we continue the article to introduce the more common commercial Automobile insurance.

The fifth Is the scratches insurance, by definition, your Car Is scratched, in need of repair can be reported scratches insurance. But there Is a place in need of special attention, if we say that the process of moving Car, are virtually scratch, the scratches, the scratches that belongs to the category of rIsk it? The answer Is not to lose. In another case, if your friends or relatives or people you know, take your Car to deliberately plan, the insurance company Is not compensable. For example, you fight with someone you know, you led him to draw a Car, thIs Is intentional, regardless of the insurance company Is. That only scratches insurance under what circumstances it works, that Is, in your knowledge, others malicious your Car to create scratches, which Is within the range of scratches insurance, but also noted that the plan marks, but can not appear depression, depression Is not within the scope of scratches, dents should be summed up as the Car damage.

sixth wading insurance, it simply Is compensation insurance Issues that need your Car appeared in the water. ThIs may be more suitable for some Southern Insurance. Especially in summer, such as the South more rain, heavy rain, the Car parked in low-lying areas were blIsters, and that compensation can be made wading insurance. ThIs inside there Is a case to be clearly aware that it Is deductible, it must pay attention to. If you say that the Car Is in motion, getting to the water Is relatively large, resulting in the Car stalled, then do not start the second, the second start your vehicle can cause injury. There are a lot of people have a mIsunderstanding, I would say thIs Is the exhaust pipe to suck back the water into the engine, the lead vehicle Is turned off, so the argument, right? The answer Is wrong, thIs Is a very wrong idea. Down the exhaust pipe Is not absorbent, Is actually a water inlet, an intake valve open, resulting in water entering the engine in the cylinder, the pIston down the water sucked in, the pIston down into the finIshed immediately valve closing, normally, the intake air Is sprayed into a small amount of gasoline, it Is possible to compress the mixture gas, and the compressed space. But If you water it? The pIston valve to the top of the work Will be opened, thIs time to cause damage, the insurance company Is no matter. ThIs only themselves. Therefore, the water inside the Car if it Is because of the water inlet, resulting in your vehicle Is turned off, and remember do notTo start the second, when you repair the Car can not spend much money, there Will be not much damage, the oil change, wash, there Will be no big problem repaired. But if for the second start, the cylinder tripod are cracked, and that thIs loss, but very large.

So Why do I see a lot of off-road vehicles to change a thing, that Is wading throat, it Is higher than the vehicle, rather than to change the exhaust pipe . Even the water flooded the front Will not be an accident, but also cross-country many are mechanical, not electronic, as in complex road conditions, such as water, electronic problematic. True off-road, electronic stuff better, more stable or more machines, after the completion of the larynx can start wading in the water. So if you are in the place, often under heavy rain, the rainy season Is more, the insured Is still necessary.

seventh pilfer, in the event the vehicle Is stolen, the insurance company to give you some compensation, the loss borne by the insurance company. But pilfer specific pay how much money, how to lose, you know? For example, if you buy a new Car today, thIs Car naked Car 80,000, landing nearly 100,000, the result tomorrow Is thrown, the insurance company Will pay 100,000 it? The answer Is definitely not. Because there Is part of you turn in purchase tax, which Is to the State, which Is certainly not paid, then there are premiums on the license fee ah ah, etc. These are not paid in. Naked Car insurance company only paid the price, and thIs price also do some depreciation of the decade according to the market. Car opened many years, insurance companies Will be evaluated and then give you a payment based on the market price of a used Car.

Eighth rIsk of spontaneous combustion, spontaneous combustion Car Is, if the insurance company can make payment. ThIs insurance comparIson Who should do? Xiao Bian think Is more suitable for those who love modified Cars every day, all right, to change the Car’s lines of dense, like a spider web with thIs easy to short circuit, leading to spontaneous combustion vehicles. So it should not modified vehicles, also must change under the premIse of guaranteed, not to expensive, to some irresponsible converted stores, these are things most people do not trust. For instance, some to save money, with some cheap, low-quality tape, the tape may be two years after opening, the insulation Is not prone to short-circuit the spontaneous combustion. There Is the possibility ofInstallation of electrical headlights or exceeds the Carrying capacity of the original wire, the current Is too high, then the line can not bear a large current Will overheat, fire. Of course, it Is not necessary legIslator, tachograph, reverse image which Is lossless modified. So be sure to protect the safety of the premIse, in the strict implementation of the standards of thIs transformation continues, Why the state should enact legIslation does not allow private veered change, afraid that such rIsks. Then the Car has a fuse box, the time must be modified to ensure that the insurance must be blown when a short circuit, which would reduce the rIsk.

I believe we now have a motor insurance more comprehensive understanding, so buy insurance varies, mainly small series that Is or must buy Traffic insurance, Car damage, three insurance (including non-deductible) these three types of insurance on it, the other according to individual needs, may be appropriate to purchase.