In the end how to buy car insurance

With U.S.’s sustained economic development, the Car has been into the household, let us travel even more convenient. But the saying goes, buying a Car easy to keep a Car hard, raIse a family annually Car to spend a lot of money, especially to buy Auto insurance, thIs Is just to be, we often hear some owners Will say I bought all rIsks, but in the insurance industry , it Is not the whole concept of insurance, then how do we choose Auto insurance in order to spend less money to get a higher price to protect it? In thIs small series talk about their own views.

The first part Is I think we must buy, thIs Is our basic guarantee to travel by Car.

First, strong insurance.

to pay high insurance we should be very familiar with, Is compulsory traffic accident liability insurance, which Is required by national law must buy, do not buy to pay high insurance Car Will not hit the road . To pay high insurance Is the most cost-effective insurance, claims responsibility and no responsibility divIsion in both cases.

under the responsibility of the case, to pay high insurance compensation limit as follows:

death and dIsability compensation limit: 110,000 yuan

medical expenses compensation limit: 10,000 yuan

property damages limit: 2,000 yuan

under no responsibility for the situation, to pay high insurance compensation limit as follows:

death and dIsability compensation limit: 11,000 yuan

medical expenses compensation limit: 1,000 yuan

property loss: 100 yuan

family Cars premium strong narrow as: 6 or less 950 yuan , 1100 yuan more than six.

Now the insurance companies have no claim dIscount, the claim did not occur within a policy year, it Will offer 10% dIscount up to 30%So for three consecutive years does not escape from danger, then, to pay high insurance rates Is:

they do not escape from danger, then, after the premiums can be kept in the fourth year of the standard, very cost-effective.

advantage Is the low pay high insurance premiums to protect the whole, it can be used to deal with minor accidents.

Second, third party liability insurance.

motor vehicle third party liability insurance simply referred to as third party liability , means insured financial responsibility or allow the driver occurred in the use of the insured vehicle during an accident, resulting in personal injury or property third party to suffer direct damage, which shall be borne by the insured, the insurance company liable. Simply put, we drove an accident, that part of the responsibility should be borne by us, we can let the insurance company to bear.

belong to a third party liability insurance Is insurance business insurance, I think thIs Is very important insurance, third party liability insurance because insurance coverage Is very high, the highest can reach 200 million or more , so it can cope with some big traffic accident.

third party liability insurance premiums are about the same in the major insurance companies, I have found three Auto insurance company a premium the insured amount corresponding to the table you can refer to

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third party liability insurance also enjoy NCD insurance companies, incentives may be a little different around specific consult your local insurance company. insured

third party liability insurance you can choose according to their own economic conditions and insurance concept, relatively small series recommended to buy 1 million, because of cost highest. Now what are expensive, traffic accident occurs, then people injured, medical expenses often tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, if someone died, hundreds of thousands Is certainly to be large, and in some areas to millions, as well as the luxury-Car collIsion accident , that Is astronomical repair costs. There are a million insured amount can basically copeThe vast majority of the accident.

Third, non-deductible insurance.

non-deductible insurance rIsk refers to a commercial ( Car damage or liability insurance ) of additional rIsks. After the non-deductible insurance as an additional rIsk, need to be insured “primary rIsk” Is insured preconditions may not be arranged separately, which Insurance liability generally refers to “by special agreement, accident , in accordance with the corresponding provIsions insuring primary insurance franchIse calculation shall be borne by the insured portion of the deductible amount, the insurance company Will be responsible for compensation “within the limits of liability. In general, we covered thIs insurance, you can put 5% to 20% of the liability accrued responsible for their own insurance company and then passed on.

Is not deductible when we let a traffic accident liability insurance to save money, affordable easy to use, buy a third party liability insurance Will also want to bring thIs , that guarantee was comprehensive.

not deductible insurance rate Is linked to the price of the main, primary insurance more expensive, the more generally non-deductible expensive.

These three Editor’s Choice Is a must buy insurance, so basically we drove out of rIsk can be maintained the pocket.

The second part Is different from the owner to personalize the insurance selection.

Car damage.

Is a commercial Car damage insurance, liability insurance Is to protect your own Car, an accident or trading with their own Car scratch bumper can repair your own Car caustic danger.


age of the vehicle Car Will generally buy Car damage. Part of the owners do not buy caustic danger, reason: some say the old Car, do not buy, some older drivers, technology Is good, feeling no access to Car damage.

with the price of caustic danger linked to the price of the Car, the higher the price the more expensive the Car caustic danger, damage Car new Car priceGrid Is also high.

As for buying a Car damage, the owner Is you measure yourself, because most do not buy a Car damage Is the loss of their own Car, do not involve others, so it Will not cause other problems.

board officers liability insurance.

vehicle liability insurance Is what we called seats insurance, life insurance Is the health board staff safety.

ThIs Is a supplemental insurance rIsk, when our responsibility in a traffic accident caused by the vehicle injuries and medical costs to produce, with the third party Will not pay high insurance claims, Car officers liability insurance can claim.

ThIs Is cheap insurance, general insurance coverage as long as 10,000 words of hundreds of dollars a seat, so many insurance companies Will default to the driver’s seat comes with insurance to help owners of 10,000.

spontaneous combustion rIsk

spontaneous combustion rIsk Is to protect the vehicle’s own vehicle damage caused by the fire.

the probability of occurrence of spontaneous combustion vehicles Is relatively small, with the weather and the general condition related, mostly in hot days, as well as some of the older age of the vehicle in the Car, there are some Cars in motion cooling system failure caused.

that not many people buy insurance, Car owners can choose according to their own condition.

wading vehicle insurance

Is a rIsk derived wading insurance, primarily to protect the vehicle in the water surface after wading or flooding can cause engine damage compensation.

a wading dangerous place to note Is that the vehicle Is off the road while passing through the water, do not second ignition, the vehicle OtherwIse, the resulting loss of insurance companies do not I claim.

wading insurance Is useful in some coastal areas, especially in flood-prone city.

NoThe third generation method to find special insurance.

can not find the third generation of special liability insurance

unable to find a third-party special insurance refers to the loss of the insured motor vehicle shall be by a third party responsible for compensation, unable to find a third party, the implementation of a 30% absolute franchIse. “If thIs occurs, the insurance company Will deduct 30% of the payment amount, but at the same time if the owner of the Car damage insurance, insurance of the” machine EMU could not find a third-party damage insurance special insurance “, you can get in thIs additional rIsk insurance 30% of the debts accrued own commitment.

thIs Is an innovative insurance, it Is only a few years out, thIs insurance Is not recommended. If the Car Is the third generation of damage Is such a thing could not find a third party, just buy the Car damage, then call the Newspaper to master skills in the insurance when you can , and a method you can shout advice in the comments area.


additional motor vehicle pilfer refers to the entire vehicle insured vehicle Is stolen or robbed, the insured caused direct economic losses were in the vehicle Three months after the looting, the insurer Carried out according to the actual value of the vehicle when the dangerous condition of the insured amount or compensation.

not many people buy pilfer, usually when a new Car for the first time to buy insurance Will be added to, there are some bad law and order in the city to buy some more, thIs insurance also choose according to their individual needs.

there are other small insurance.

attendant baggage insurance, for often drive business trip or owners Will be stored valuables in the Car, the Car insurance can protect the rIsk of theft of property.

glass breakage alone, sometimes thief smashed the glass broken glass or other causes, the insurance can be used.

scratches insurance, the insurance some insurance companies are now gone.

the common market insurance Auto insurance Is probably these, small may have mIssed, welcome to add.

so many Auto insurance insurance, a reasonable match to make us both save money and worry, Xiao Bian think “pay compulsory insurance, travel tax Wan +100 + caustic danger Is not deductible insurance + seat” Is suitable choice for most Car owners.

Of course, Auto insurance just to protect us during some of the rIsks of driving, but in fact caused by man-made causes a lot of accidents are driver’s Car insurance Is just a guarantee of safe driving Is guard against fundamental rIsks.

wandering the earth to remind you: the road 10 million, the first safety, driving Is not standardized, two lines of relatives of tears.

Xiaobian I wIsh you were driving down the road smooth sailing.