In auto insurance, there Is a non-deductible What does it mean?

in Automobile insurance, there Is a non-deductible What does it mean? Is not deductible, not counting the name suggests Is responsible for the accident franchIse. It as an additional rIsk, the main rIsk Is insured (e.g. Car damage, three insurance, robbery, insurance, etc. seat) as a precondition, an additional up. The purpose Is that part of the responsibility passed on to the insurance company that insured thIs Will be borne by the insurance companies to take responsibility and reparations.

in which Auto insurance accident, the insurance company Is to be related to claims under the responsibility of traffic police divIsion. The divIsion of responsibilities, typically: full responsibility, the primary responsibility, with responsibility, secondary responsibility. With caustic danger Is not deductible as an example: the total liability of the insured accident or unilateral accident, the implementation of 20% of the franchIse, if the actual 1000 payments, insurance companies pay only 800; occupied primarily responsible for the accident insurer implementation 15% of the franchIse; if the insured accounted for 10% of the implementation of equal responsibility for the accident of the franchIse; if the insured person responsible for the accident accounted for a minor 5 per cent of the franchIse.

have not deductible, the owner Will be fully transferred responsibility for the accident losses to the insurance company, do not assume responsibility for yourself! However, if the owner reported a second year, premium rates Will still rIse. So, the owners still hope that, as far as possible it would be safer to drive, although there Is insurance, but the value of life Is more valuable!