In addition to auto insurance claims what Is the use? The usefulness of the insurance company can not tell you

We all know that Car insurance Is a must when buying a Car, the Car without insurance can not legally on the road. Some people think that given on Car insurance just in case the Car Is possible claims in the event of an accident, if you think it would be wrong to buy insurance claims can be more than useful so simple, the usefulness of these other Insurance the company Is not going to tell you.

Is the first such Car broke down on the road, you need a trailer, thIs time we can call the insurance company to rescue the 100 km or less, the insurance company can help you free of trailers, of which 100 km free refers to the trailer to the trailer that the destination Is more than 100 km Is free if more than a need for additional charges.

In addition to Car broke down in the road needs a trailer, followed by the Car on the way out of power need to take electricity or no oil tires no gas and so on can apply for a free non-road accident rescue services to insurance companies, but these conditions are free basIs within 100 kilometers on, more than 100 kilometers requires additional charges, these are our giving Car insurance when the insurance company provided free of charge to us.

So except when the Issue of non-Car accident occurred on the road, you can also apply for salvage services to the insurance company, the insurer can use far more than when a vehicle accident claims so simple, these other uses general insurance companies Will not tell you, because to tell you the future Will result in a greater burden on the company.

Now we know that the Car insurance service which up to? Next time do not just simply an Auto insurance claims can only be in a vehicle accident so simple. We should make full use of the insurance company up to the interests of our consumers. In addition to the Car accident occurred within 100 kilometers insurance companies free of rescue services, but also give us the remaining sum very objective role.