If they had been pit, car insurance Is not only how to buy white? Do not be the four pit Insurance enough

many of my friends are saved for a long time the money to buy a Car, for the Car insurance Issues has also been a concern to them, often accustomed to all types of insurance are to buy. And do not say the high cost of thIs approach, part of the vast majority of insurance did not spend, it Is not necessary. Today, in the end all we should say something about how to buy Car insurance.

The first to talk Is certainly strong insurance. To pay high insurance full name of “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, said the people, then that Is sure to buy, do not buy are not allowed on the road, are also caught a fine of insurance. The insurance pay high insurance Is actually in the “low”, Diansha case of an accident, you Will not make a penny can not pay. Because it Is “low”, it can only help you lose a little bit. Although the Traffic Insurance usefulness may not be so big, but do not buy does not work, do not buy to pay high insurance if the Car Is not be examined.

third party liability insurance business. ThIs insurance Is in addition to the compulsory insurance, payment Is subject to others. In the accident, if the amount of compensation beyond the compulsory insurance payment limit, by the insurance company liable. At present, the amount of compensation third party liability insurance of the insurance company’s main provIsions Is 5 million, 10 million, 150,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan, 500,000 yuan and 100 million and 100 million yuan(CNY)(CNY).

Car damage. Accidents Will happen, once the Car has MIsfortune blessing. Natural dIsasters can cause a number of Cars scrapped, because it Is accident insurance, the premium Is the highest. But note that not all natural dIsasters Will give compensation, it must be within the scope of liability insurance company, such as an earthquake.

non-deductible insurance, buy Auto insurance after the deductible Is 20 percent interest rate, so to speak, in a traffic accident, we are to bear full responsibility for the loss of $ 10,000, then the insurance company Will only pay 8000, our own or to assume the remaining 20%, but after buying non-deductible, the insurance company Will assume 100%.

The above four insuranceInsurance Is for most just bought a new Car owner Is enough, and after driving down the road with these there Is nothing to worry about, and even a traffic accident can also get better compensation! Other types of insurance you can purchase the Car according to their actual situation, but do not recommend buying too much insurance to buy more are pit!