If they had been pit, car insurance Is not only how to buy white?

Wen | Fuchong Bo

buy a Car like love, not only to think hard before hand, shop around Carefully selected one most suited to their Car, after the hand also taken Care of, such as how to keep a Car, Car, and probably Will inevitably produce annually a doubt – thIs year’s Auto insurance in the end how to buy?

When it comes to Auto insurance, many people dizzy, looking at the names of various insurance foggy, I do not know in the end bought dim. After a year in the past, did not touch the Car did not knock, but also gives people a kind of insurance that Is bought loss of vIsual sense.

So today Boge come chat with you a variety of Car insurance, the next time we see again maybe would know better than to sell insurance.

First, the first to talk Is certainly strong insurance.

to pay high insurance full name of “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, said the people, then that Is sure to buy, do not buy are not allowed on the road, are also caught a fine of insurance.

the insurance pay high insurance Is actually in the “low”, Diansha case of an accident, you Will not make a penny can not pay. Because it Is “low”, it can only help you lose a little bit, killed the people, can only pay up to 110,000; the injured person, up to 10,000 lost; someone else’s Car crashed, a top days can only lose 2000. Only lose such a point that if hit by a Rolls-Royce or Bentley would not like to do really Duck King? Do not worry, we also third party liability insurance.

Do not look around quite name from the fact that insurance Is used to compensate other Cars, other people and other things. For example, you hit the McLaren Cars, repair a sum of 600,000, to pay high insurance only paid out 2000, and the remaining 588,000 Will help you in thIs three insurance contract, it Is not suddenly feel relieved?

but thIs can lose up to three insurance how much, when he decided to buy down, in order to save a few hundred dollars, to buy very low amount of time if you buy insurance, you can only hit the luxury Car Cried.

With three insurance, are not afraid to hit others can not afford to lose, but hIs Car Is also bad we supposed to? Traffic Insurance and three insurance law did not seem to repair your own Car. Moment caustic danger Will debut.

like to understand the Car damage, vehicle damage compensation insurance special thing – whether your Car Is hit by a Car and others, were burned or smashed the hail, can use the Car damage claims. And caustic danger Niubi place Is that they do not exceed the value of your Car, how much loss of pay, unlike the previous two insurance also impose a ceiling.

but eventually passed, and lose much time to spend the money to buy insurance more, Car insurance Is the most expensive one on the Car damage considered.

However, Car damage insurance only covers the Car, no guarantor, in case a major accident, crashed into hIs own hospital, caustic danger Is only responsible for the repair of your Car, you are not responsible for the repair person. So, we heard the fourth Insurance – vehicle liability insurance.

In fact, thIs Is also a good understanding of the insurance, if you help your Car to buy such insurance, regardless of who Is sitting in the Car, and whether the driver Is not your own, as long as the encounter accidents resulting in dIsability, are able to obtain the payment.

However, we also lose points only in the purchase of the vehicle officers liability insurance of the driver or the Car owners pay, if often takes a person to open, buy only pay the driver on it, if every day took a Cars were everywhere, everyone can buy.

However, if the other person from liability when an accident directly with the other side of the three insurance on it, do not have to use their own vehicle officers liability insurance. With these four basic insurance, as if the pay Is able to pay, Is not able to sit back and relax it?

the wrong men, and buy fine did not sell, in addition to these basic insurance, the insurance company also introduced a number of additional rIsks, fight drained every drop of the value of a Car.

If your Car Is something to bear children get scratched, caustic danger Is not to lose, you need to buy special insurance scratches.

If the high speed, the front windshield of the truck was falling out of a pit collapse things to come, caustic danger Is not to lose, only to buy a special glass insurance compensation.

found that if a large health midnight, parked on the roadside, it was stolen, but also need to buy a pilfer Will pay to you;

If a heavy rain, you are driving on, the Car was flooded, the engineBie stalled by water, only wading insurance can help you buy single.

Finally, if you do not want to become a driving on a roast turkey and no one to help you with the aftermath, you have to buy a spontaneous combustion rIsk, or can only be considered after spontaneous combustion vehicles by jin , sold as scrap.

common insurance Boge now basically finIshed, then we generally how to buy it? Boge advice: buy all the basic insurance, additional insurance bought look at the situation.

to pay high insurance do not have to say, have to buy, and we buy insurance, in fact, the biggest purpose Is to have insurance when the accident occurred for us to pay – then compensate the other party lost three insurance recommendation to buy, and lose hIs own Car casualties vehicle liability insurance Is also recommended to buy, but not as important as the first two.

and scratches insurance, pilfer and wading insurance on these dIspensable, and to see how we usually drive a Car and parking place environment.

Finally, Boge and then explain a technical term – franchIse, which Is the insurance company a big kill. Speaking in front of so many, but in fact the insurance Will not be a hundred percent compensation for your losses, insurance companies feel out of things, you more or less have a responsibility, not all of us to pay.

such an accident, the traffic police have determined that your full responsibility, the insurance company Is only Willing to pay 80% of the money, the remaining 20% ​​of the money you can only own money up.

ground Well, say it nicely, the owners said that in order to strengthen security concept, civilized driving. But in fact, in order to reduce costs, reduce expenses insurance company, we want the insurance company pay much, they want to pay less, so it Is not surprIsing that such a thing.

now have an insurance company called “Excluding franchIse rIsk” insurance, plainly, Is that if you buy thIs stuff, whether you are not full responsibility for insurance companies to help you out all the money. Therefore, the reason for the franchIse that’s so nice, not money or thing?

Ultimately, however, whether Car or other goods, we are only likely to be damaged or mIssing, buy buy insurance itself Is a guarantee that most people can afford to buy a Car or buy since insurance. Most important, of course, Caution Is the boat, no escape from danger Is the best insurance.