If the “Chuang yellow light” failure how to do? Drivers have to be careful, do not wait before it Is too points

“red light stop, green for go, yellow light of the wait,” from small to large to read the sentence, the time to really personally, but also inevitably be some deviation . So now the traffic rules more stringent than in the past, specifically the addition of a variety of laws and regulations for possible accidents. Including the “Chuang yellow light” of a problem, we have to find out.

a transition because the yellow light Is green and red conversion process, only a few seconds, we all know that the yellow light Is not passing stop line, but inevitably there Will not pay attention to when it happened, “Chuang yellow light” thing, “Chuang yellow light” failure refers to changing light, the Car front wheel over the stop line, while the rear wheel but no more than stop line. If something had happened, how to do it? Old driver said that thIs time, if some drivers still have to continue to walk forward, then it Is in accordance with qualitative red light, which Is a violation of traffic rules Is subject to deduction of six points and a fine penalty, so drivers have to be Careful you.

However, if before the lamp becomes, the driver more than the front and rear stop line, then thIs Is not actually ” Chuang yellow light “failure, it Is not running red lights, because the driver was traveling at normal speed, the camera has recorded before and after the yellow light changed, and therefore when thIs happens the drivers can continue, but must Notably vehicular traffic and pedestrians, if accidentally a traffic accident, it Is primarily the responsibility in their own party.

So when drivers encounter “Chuang yellow light” failure must be immediately stopped, do not continue driving, but also Do not leave things to chance, because the camera Will have a near record, do not wait before it Is too points. Know that in order to avoid it Is probably safer to stop the Car when he saw the yellow light to wait, although appears to be waiting for more than a minute, but in fact the harvest Is a sub-security and a responsibility .