I told you about car insurance, most cost-effective way, which Is recommended not to buy insurance

so-called Auto insurance, refers to motor vehicle insurance, also known as Auto insurance, Auto insurance short, it Is a kind of property insurance. No Auto insurance on the vehicle Is not allowed to hit the road. State law clearly stipulates that at least for motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance, referred to pay high insurance. The commercial insurance can be purchased in accordance with the needs of the owner. All rIsks including eight insurance, are compulsory traffic insurance, vehicle damage insurance, non-deductible insurance, third party liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance, the whole Car pilfer, scratches insurance, glass breakage alone insurance. It should be noted that the so-called full coverage does not include spontaneous loss of insurance. Because during the warranty period, once by the manufacturers Will be responsible for spontaneous combustion.

In addition to Auto insurance renewal whether to enjoy preferential number of dangerous condition related to the previous year, Is also associated with four factors: 1. The cost of insurance has developed benchmarks; 2. last year the number of claims; 3. grade; 4 Chuxian condition of the vehicle. No danger, violation records can save premium, but now the U.S. Insurance Regulatory CommIssion to implement networking systems, at times dangerous condition of the insurance company would be documented.

body scratches insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, rIsk of glass breakage alone, wading insurance, pilfer have suggested can not buy, or according to its own choice to buy a item. Body scratches a dangerous condition, then a corresponding increase in premiums next year, thIs might as well find their own repair shop to handle it. Spontaneous combustion vehicles probability Is very low and within the warranty period, you can not buy. Windshield broken glass, a separate insurance only accidentally smashed, the other can not be maintained. If you do not wade wading insurance often walk around the area, you can not spend the money. Pilfer only vehicle was robbery claims only if the vehicle Is usually parked safe, you can buy free. Can not find a third party, the insurance can also buy can not buy. Just because someone wanted to take the Car to find a vent and then ran away, the owner can only Renzai, bought it, insurance companies generally pay damages of 70%. Third party insurance: (50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, 500,000, 1,000,000 optional) you wrecked other people’s things, the insurance company can help you payments, but only direct losses, Is only responsible for medical insurance range section.

When the Car Is good technology, and the Car Is not a Car you can choose only three 500,000, and caustic danger Is not deductible. It Is noteworthy that if the Car 5In the above, the proposed purchase of spontaneous combustion rIsk, because the opportunity for more than 5 years of spontaneous combustion Car Is much higher than other Cars.

Careful riders should be early detection, and if through some intermediaries such as dealers, agents, brokers selling products than direct insurance companies expensive. Indeed, the latter Is actually 15% lower than the former rate it, and now more and more perfect insurance website, often there are a number of promotional activities. Also in the choice of Auto insurance companies must pay attention to the comprehensive Auto insurance comparIson in terms of price, service attitude and service outlets and so on.