I do not know which car insurance knowledge to drive out do not worry!

Car insurance Is divided into pay high insurance and commercial insurance, and commercial insurance Is divided into basic insurance and additional insurance categories. So what they are, how to be paid, and what additional conditions?

on the line thIs time we start to pay high insurance to begin with.

to pay high insurance stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, victims of road traffic accidents caused by the insurance company by the occurrence of the insured motor vehicle people (not including the vehicle and the insured person) personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance.

Next, we want to say Is commercial insurance.

The basic insurance :

loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability Insurance

loss of vehicle insurance : loss of vehicle insurance refers to insurance of vehicles affected by natural dIsasters or accidents within the scope of insurance liability, causing the insured vehicle itself loss, the insurer be recoverable under the insurance contract.

third party liability insurance : refers to the accident the driver qualified in the use of the insured vehicle Is in the process caused by a third party direct property loss and casualties. At the current payment standard, it Is recommended to buy at least 300,000 yuan (payment amount), especially rookies, like to drive fast and work pressure difficult to focus the spirit of friends.

Additional rIsks :

non-deductible special insurance, glass breakage alone, scratches insurance, etc.

excluding special insurance deductible : non-deductible insurance Is present as an additional rIsk, need to be insured basic insurance premIse Is not performed individually insured of. It Is easy to understand, after purchase non-deductible insurance, Is to transfer part of the responsibility that I realize I should take toInsurance companies, paid by the insurance company. We suggest that you buy on thIs insurance in the case of economic conditions permit.

Glass breakage alone : refers to occur during use of the vehicle alone broken glass, non cause other accidents. If the normally open high-speed, can easily be rolled before the Car hit the windshield wheel marbles, the proposed purchase.

scratches insurance : During use, the others scratch (no impact) in need of repair. If there Is a collIsion, sheet metal repair needs are not paid within the range. The new Car insurance and novices are generally recommended to buy.

Several more insurance for the insurance we drove most commonly used, you can make your Car buying Car needs and environment, rather than to seek to save money or just After lIstening to the words of a salesman to buy a lot of their almost no access to insurance. For example, if the family has no fixed parking spaces, parked hIs Car on the road unattended long-term, it Is recommended to buy the whole Car pilfer. Another example of urban drainage system life Is not so perfect, urban waterlogging occurs frequently, it Is recommended to buy wading insurance. I believe everyone reading thIs article, be sure to understand Auto insurance, you want to stay in the Car.