I buy a car next year, and immediately insurance expires, do not know what kind of insurance to buy it more reliable?

Hello, everyone, I am a Car, and said that the Car thing, I was concerned to learn more about buying a Car Car skills.

boss asked how the second year of a new Car buy insurance more appropriate? New Car next year should buy what kind of insurance, in fact, before I address thIs Issue also answered many times. Now Is someone to ask questions, explain the problem, there are a lot of people do not know that I and everyone today Is to talk together about what kind of insurance Is the most cost-effective to buy the most affordable. In fact, I entered the Automotive industry a few years, not only in contact with selling Cars, insurance, mortgage, something about Cars around are a little understanding. If you stand 4S shop sales and the angle of the above, I certainly hope you buy the better, because we also know that there Is a rebate of Insurance. But as a friend, then I recommend you buy the following insurance coverage. The first Is to pay high insurance, caustic danger Is the second, and the third Is not deductible, the fourth Is the third party liability insurance. ThIs Is my second year of a new Car today, we recommend renewal of insurance, if you have any need to buy any other insurance that you can purchase according to their own needs.

1: Traffic Insurance, thIs Is no doubt that thIs Is definitely need to buy if not buy, you must be off the road, not on the Card, ah, thIs Is no doubt.

2: The second Is that Car damage insurance, thIs insurance Is mainly aimed at a new Car, a new Car Is the second year that you buy insurance, then I suggest you buy thIs. Car damage mainly in the dangerous condition of the time to repair your own Car, you do not need to pay a Car repair. If you do not buy a Car damage, if an accident bear full responsibility for the maintenance of their own Car money it would need to bear your own, so that the new Car novice, then I recommend that you purchase.

3: non-deductible ThIs insurance I also recommend that you buy, if you do not do not buy non-deductible if you happen if the dangerous condition of the accident, even if the cost of your insurance company to assume more or less, but you still need to bear some of the costs, so the rIskSpecies also suggest that you buy, then if you buy, you do not need to bear the cost of a penny.

4: third party liability insurance, the insurance, I also strongly recommend that you purchase thIs insurance if a minimum of five hundred thousand have started. If economic conditions permit, I also suggest that you buy a million, we also know that if there Is a dangerous condition casualties in the accident, 500 000 simply Is not enough payment.

So I suggest you buy. Traffic Insurance, caustic danger Is not deductible, third party liability insurance, mainly to buy four types of insurance. Other types of insurance, seat insurance, as well as spontaneous combustion rIsk or glass scratches insurance these things, according to your own needs to buy, but I recommend the above four types of insurance.

I was selling Cars 4S shop, my friends can follow me, with a common understanding of Automotive knowledge, explore each other.