How to on car insurance? Old driver told by your experience: Freeze buy, these three on the line!

how to on Car insurance? Old driver told by your experience: Freeze buy, these three on the line!

we can get, and now our lives have changed, so that the Cars around us are also very common, and we often see on running Cars on the road from the side of the road to stop the Car also, the number of Cars also increased a lot, so that now the traffic conditions Is very complex, but also the probability of traffic accidents year after year, in fact, many owners after buying the Car, the first thing to do Is to give the Car to do all know that insurance, now there are many types of Car insurance owners are more troubled, when many owners buy insurance, do not know what we want to buy some insurance when buying insurance, so tonight Is how to Automobile insurance, the old driver told you with experience, Freeze buy three on the line, we look at it.

The first strong insurance. ThIs dIsplay the country must buy a mandatory requirement Is a mandatory insurance, to pay high insurance full name Is compulsory traffic accident liability insurance. It Is a road traffic accident by the insurance company to the insured motor vehicle, resulting in personal injury property damage accident compensation within the limits of hIs responsibility, he belonged to a mandatory liability insurance, to pay high insurance premiums of the previous 950 yuan, but from now we have a floating mechanIsm to keep the traffic accidents linked, so that your Car have an accident rate Is relatively high, then next year’s Car insurance premium Will be higher, so that now pay high insurance fee Is fixed as before the amount.

Is the second kind of commercial third party liability insurance. In fact, see thIs name when the name suggests, it Is the compensation to third parties, with their own nothing, in fact, third party liability insurance Is very headstrong type of insurance, it can amount to pay high insurance Is not enough to accompany as a supplement to pay high insurance of the time the first three insured its use out on the show, the first three kinds of insurance premiums for 500,000 and 1 million cash inflow of insurance coverage that they also have to locate based on your vehicle if the vehicle Is a low-end Car, then I suggest we buy 500,000 on it, if your Car Is a high-end Car, then it Is best to buy 1 million of thIs in the future he Will not eatdeficit.

A third Is the non-deductible insurance. ThIs full name Is the nerve excluding franchIse, special clause Is one of the insurance business, in fact, Is not deductible as an additional insurance Is required to master the conditions of insurance for the insured, it Is not Carried out additional insurance separately, if occurred traffic accidents, according to the main rIsk insurance regulations correspond to the provIsions of computing franchIse, it shall be liable for the deductible portion of the amount the insurance company by the insured themselves to the domestic indemnity, although not deductible or the need to buy, it’s franchIse has reached 30%, Is also very good for our owners.

So if our ordinary family Car, then only need to buy to pay high insurance, third party insurance and non-deductible insurance these three can be, there are other mess of those glass insurance, scratches insurance rIsk and wading like ah, I think it Is no need to buy, because what kinds of insurance Is less than we usually use, so that we buy insurance when I bought these three on it.