How to how to buy car insurance? After reading you smarter than sell insurance

choose to buy a Car just like a girlfriend, like you always like to pick and choose, thIs does not work, that Is not pretty. Buying a Car, too, not only to shop around, took pains to pick their own satIsfaction models, but after buying the Car, but also maintenance, refueling, etc. are taken Care of. Also the most important and vexing Is thIs: how to buy Car insurance? On thIs Issue, I told you today to talk about a variety of Car insurance, after reading thIs you Will know how to buy.

strong insurance – have to buy

to pay high insurance Is called the “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance”, since it Is compulsory insurance, as the name suggests Is the need to buy it, if they do not want to be caught, but fine. But low pay high insurance costs, so the amount of reparation Is also very limited, in which death and dIsability pay up to 110,000; up to pay 10,000 yuan compensation for medical expenses; and loss of property, that Is someone else’s Car crashed, then the maximum compensation for only 2,000 yuan. So even if you buy the insurance to pay strong, but you really want a serious accident occurs, then the insurance compensation amount can also be very limited, so buy to pay high insurance Is not enough. But to note here Is that it can only pay high insurance pay someone else. For example, you crashed the railing, then pay high insurance Will not pay for you.

third party liability insurance – pay someone else

to pay high insurance Is not enough to pay people Rolls-Royce how to do? Then buy third party liability insurance, and it refers to the insured accident occurred in the course of using the insured vehicle, resulting in a third party suffers personal injury or property damage, liability according to law shall be borne by the insured, the insurance company liable . In simple terms it Is the third party liability insurance Is responsible for pay others Cars, humans and other items. For example, you hit someone else’s Car, pay compulsory insurance can only pay 2,000 yuan, which Is not enough time, then lose it, then the rest of the money to help you by the third party liability insurance contract. However, third party liability insurance Is to be based on the cost of your purchase, to determine the amount of compensation, the amount of compensation 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000 and 1 million, respectively.

Car damage – pay their own Car

As mentioned earlier the two others are lost, then you can look for to lose their insurance. The first Is caustic danger, thIs Is well understood, Is the cause of your accident or other damage to the Car occurred (except earthquake), thIs Is the insurance can pay, they do not exceed the value of the vehicle, the number of vehicles on how much damage compensation. But while much caustic danger pay, but it Is also the most expensive insured inside.

board officers liability insurance – lose one of us

caustic danger only to lose hIs own Car, so the Car was injured personnel how to do? ThIs time we must say the vehicle officers liability insurance, the insurance Is the main occupant lose hIs own Car, but at the time of purchase can choose to pay only the driver or Car owner, it Is recommended that individuals pay to buy the Car owners, because the Car Is not always a person in the Car.

Excluding insurance franchIse – try to buy excluding franchIse insurance Is more like a derivative of the four kinds of insurance, because once there, the insurance company Will not help you payment in full, there may only help you lose 80%, if you hit Lao Silai Sri Lanka or the more expensive model, even if you have insurance to help pay 80%, but 20% Is difficult to estimate the remaining able to stand. And buy a franchIse, excluding insurance, then the insurance company Will pay the full amount for you to someone else.

Additional rIsks – see where to buy In addition to these, there are some cases lead to their own vehicle damage, the insurance company Will not pay you. For instance, your Car deliberately scratched by other people, and thIs time they can not find people, find the insurance company Will not pay you money, thIs time on the need to buy special insurance a scratch. For example, there Is your Car parked on the roadside was stolen, but also need to have daoqiangxian Will pay you.There are also wading insurance, and so spontaneous combustion rIsk, according to the literal meaning Is to know which Is under what circumstances can the payment, we can see the actual situation to make a purchase.

summary The above Is for everyone to sort out some of the Car insurance tips, personal advice in front of five kinds of insurance have to buy, but like scratches insurance, pilfer, insurance wading, spontaneous combustion rIsk, etc. these buy according to their own situation. Of course, the role of insurance Is only a reduced loss costs, the key Is to obey the traffic rules themselves, pay attention to traffic safety.