How to general household car insurance? For the first time how to buy insurance new car?


general household Car insurance? For the first time how to buy insurance?

StatIstics show that in 2020 Car ownership in U.S. in more than two hundred million vehicles. So many Cars on the road back and forth very prone to traffic accidents, so thIs time the vehicle purchase insurance, buy what kind of insurance Is very important.

Car insurance Is divided into pay high insurance and commercial insurance. Which pay high insurance Is the state each year must purchase insurance, such insurance Is to protect the owner of the vehicle in a traffic accident can get timely medical Care. Traffic Insurance Generally about one thousand yuan a year.

There are many commercial insurance can choose which specific choice of insurance, the driver can choose to buy according to their own circumstances.

For example, novice first Car on the road, so for the first time to purchase commercial insurance insurance Is more and more, such as third party liability insurance, excluding deductible, loss of vehicle insurance, the whole Car pilfer, glass breakage alone, spontaneous loss of insurance, vehicle liability insurance, insurance wading, body scratches insurance.

Because novice operator proficiency motor vehicle, and so Is not very familiar with the road, Is more prone to accidents. So, for the first time to purchase insurance coverage Is a little more secure. The late insurance can be adjusted according to circumstances. Further, the vehicle in a year or many years no danger, general insurance premiums next year the company Will dIscount or lower.

For older drivers, the operability of familiar vehicle and road conditions are ripe, generally only need to buy to pay high insurance, third party liability insurance, non-deductible insurance, and even some people only buy insurance to pay strong, but thIs Is not encouraged.