How to choose the most suitable car insurance scheme

a lot of new friends to buy a Car Is a headache for thIs one Will buy Auto insurance, how to buy thIs new Car of insurance ah, I do not want to buy all rIsks ah, pilfer in the end there Is no use ah. Today I Will give you a detailed introduction about how to buy a new Car Auto insurance, how to spend the least money to buy peace of mind.

First insurance can be divided into strong insurance and commercial insurance. Traffic Insurance Is compulsory purchase, commercial Auto insurance can be purchased according to the needs of the owner. Below these Auto insurance Will lIst them out, we together look into that.

to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance (full name compulsory traffic accident liability insurance) Is our country the first Carried out by national law compulsory insurance system. It Is a personal road happened to the insured motor vehicle traffic accidents victims [not including the vehicle and the insured person] casualties, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance. ThIs insurance Is compulsory purchase, do not buy your Car Will not hit the road. Insurance

Loss of vehicles

loss of vehicle insurance means natural dIsasters within the insured vehicle insurance coverage (not including seIsmic) or accidents, resulting in loss of vehicle insurance itself, the insurer compensation under the provIsions of the insurance contract. ThIs Is a third party on hIs own Is just the opposite, it Is strongly recommended to buy, if you Care of my Car.

third party liability insurance

responsible for the insurance of vehicles liability for accidents caused by the use of others (ie third party) of the direct damage of personal injury or property. Crash or butt are most afraid of when driving their own Car Is not affected by the loss, but also to spend large sums of money to compensate the loss of others. Three insurance can be said to be the most powerful insurance at all times, it Is strongly recommended to purchase insurance coverage and not less than 300,000, the higher the better, preferably 500,000 or conditional option to buy 1 million, not afraid to drive crash, you afraid to butt …… Once hitPeople you may have in thIs life ruined.

non-deductible insurance

The insurance be welfare insurance, and after you get out of danger, he said: Oh, my 1000 how it was lost 800, and 200 where to go. Here 200 deductible Is the money, but after you buy non-deductible insurance, 1000 Is 1000, the number of insurance number, as long as the insurance coverage. Therefore, non-deductible insurance cost Is high, it Is strongly recommended to buy.

The above four Auto insurance: pay compulsory insurance, Car damage, three insurance, non-deductible insurance Is strongly recommended that you buy, but also the most cost-effective Auto insurance basically bought the new Car 4 Car insurance on it.

In the following tell you about other types of insurance, which insurance Is optional, practicality Is very low, I gave them summed up as nothing with insurance.

glass insurance – one with no insurance, glass insurance full name of the glass breakage alone, what Is alone and broken, that Is no problem with your Car elsewhere only when broken glass, thIs time the insurance Will work. Besides, now that even if you are alone and broken glass, and easily find a repair shop, it can give you together to create a fake accident, so that the glass appears to be caused by impact, so that you can replace the damaged joint with parts and glass.

scratches insurance – Similarly, thIs insurance Is insurance for all the most pit father, and the same glass-like, through a simple scene of the accident can be forged with Car damage insurance paid to repair, the repair shop second-class rely on thIs to make money yet. They already do well.

spontaneous combustion rIsk – the “spontaneous loss of vehicle insurance”, the new Car its first year on the spontaneous combustion rIsk and what Is the state of mind …… Car ignition you find making Car manufacturers go, thIs Car obviously there are quality problems ah! So also no one with insurance.

pilfer – no one with insurance, do not lIsten to others blind flicker, pilfer stands for the whole Car pilfer, meaning to the whole Car was gone, then you Will lose money. For example shatter the glass window, the package Is taken away, or Is less of a tire, it Is not altogether lose. Tasteless, unless you are in a kind of limbo zone, otherwIse we did not need to buy.

ford rIsk – ThIs insurance also wants you to understand, Is the engine wading insurance, only in your Car in the open water surface when they were flooded out, resulting in engine damage, it can compensate. Unless you are at home in low-lying, or you have to drive Tangshui play. OtherwIse, do not have access to thIs insurance. But if your home Is recommended in the city often flood, after all, very cheap.

vehicle liability insurance – direct damage liability personal injury and Cargo on board Carried in the vehicle who Is responsible for accidents caused by the insured vehicle. Where personal injury liability Car driver who Is the last passenger accident insurance. The buy and not buy insurance owners choose to see it, conditionally or often run high-speed people can choose to buy.

common basic types of Auto insurance are in it, and conclude that Car damage insurance, three insurance, non-deductible insurance Is strongly recommended that you buy the Car the liability insurance of personal circumstances choose it, the other Is useless insurance ^ _ ^. Insurance Is irrelevant dIstressed, dIstressed spend more, but we still hope it Is the former. Finally, I hope we can make the introduction into some of the little pit in the purchase of Auto insurance, not to be fooled.