How to choose the most appropriate mix of auto insurance? Do not be fooled by the insurance company!

With the continuous development of U.S.’s industry, more and more Automobile insurance, more and more comprehensive, faced with a wide variety of, we know very little about these types of insurance, led to its owners How to Choose We have a great deal of dIstress, and the premium Is not cheap.

First of all we usually give you several of the more common types of insurance. To pay high insurance, to pay high insurance stands for “compulsory traffic accident liability insurance.” Traffic Insurance every insurance vehicle owners must be insured for a vehicle, which Is required by state law, it Is mandatory. It Is a road traffic accident by the insurance company to the insured motor vehicle resulting in the victim (not including the vehicle and the insured person) personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit mandatory liability insurance. The insurance more humane, no accident, then, the cost Will naturally pay less, but if you drive there Is responsibility of question many times in the accident, the inevitable next year Will increase the number of premiums.

Second tell you Is that Is the third party liability insurance, means that when a traffic accident resulting in property damage or personal injury when the insurance company for compensation by a third party occur insurance, which Is usually what we call “the three 500 000”, “three one million.” ThIs insurance Is usually our Car had an accident, so that when you are full responsibility, you hit people, hit the luxury Car, the other to produce medical expenses or maintenance, whether a third party suffered casualties or other aspects of the property losses, compensation Will be paid by the insurance company in accordance with the corresponding amount.

Next tell you Is that what Is not deductible insurance and Car damage. Non-deductible insurance stands for “non-deductible special liability insurance.” In many insurance companies, compensation for accidents Will have a compensation-free rate of 5-20 per cent per cent, after purchasing thIs non-deductible insurance, all liability and the amount Will be transferred to the insurance company, you need to pay attention that the special non-deductible liability insurance does not substantially into deductible and not deductible two kinds of additional insurance, insurance does not substantially deductible corresponding main rIsk Is loss of vehicle insurance and third party liability insurance.

caustic danger, whether it Is a small scratch small rub between everyday casual, or sufferAccidents resulting in serious damage to the Car, as long as within the scope of insurance, can apply for repair costs paid to the insurance company. Is worth millions of Cars, just draw it up painting had tens of thousands of pieces, then thIs Is worth to buy Auto insurance.

pilfer basically no need, one Is now in vehicle safety can still be pricey, plus now in the public areas and residential quarters monitoring facilities We are perfect, so that thIs did not need to buy insurance. 4S specializing in general insurance could be considered a luxury Car, home generally do not buy the Car. Love to buy a new Car scratch insurance, in fact, no need, if the dangerous condition, the second annual premium Will go up, really scratch, you can take the Car insurance ah.

spontaneous combustion rIsk Is not necessary to buy a new Car Is the warranty period, Autoignition manufacturers really occurs Will be paid, modifications circuit causing spontaneous combustion if the payment Is not. Wading insurance Is not necessary, because the insurance company Is regular, and only when the engine inlet, Will be paid; after wading, start the engine Is not paid again! And the streets of water seepage Is not paid!

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