How to choose car insurance, advance renewal in the end feel at a loss

In the process of buying a Car, there are a variety of insurance, of course we Will also choose to focus on a variety of different situations, then we face in the course of thIs kind of thing, in the end in buy insurance and buy insurance process where, if the advance renewal at a loss right learned in these areas, and lIsten to related presentations veteran, perhaps in the selection process you Will be able to get more protection, so now we further explanation, in the end in thIs process, how do we choose to do.

In 4s shop selling insurance are basically big brands, if not the country that the insurance companies, it Is definitely more famous of the province, these insurance companies are on the claims be able to get more protection, as long as the claims are within a reasonable range, Will basically lose to you, and we want to know 4s shop basically dedicated claims consultant, Will be damaged when you can be in the shop, you drove to the store, we Will have a dedicated person responsible for helping you make claims, and tell you how to do good to confirm specific responsibilities, to take two signed without a word Will be able to leave, after the Car repaired and so on to mention Cars . Sometimes encounter a variety of special circumstances, 4s shop Will probably help you solve directly.

But know thIs select 4s shops have a bad place, that Is the price Is relatively high, mainly because the 4s shop Is earned after-sales and insurance, but the insurance 4s shop on now most of them have some benefits, but no outside cheap. Some people in the selection process may be renewal through the Internet, Will certainly be more expensive, because a lot less of the agent, it Will save more money, but we have to note that if you choose a certain online Car insurance renewal go to the official website to buy, there are a lot of criminals Is posing a special loophole insurance companies to get hold of fake websites, to burden you a home, and then get money.

There are a lot of cottage high imitation sites, imitation Is very of course you like buying insurance in hIs home 4s repair shop in, people say you are not insured, the insurance Is no way to go, so a lookCottage, and certainly there Is a problem, of course, some people Will choose the Car phone, Is relatively inexpensive, but most are deceptive, and now there are relevant provIsions, the specific number of miles, as well as driving every aspect of unqualified personnel, claims Will not be, anyway, most people choose the Car phone Will be very deceptive, so I do not suggest that you select the insurance in these areas, because a lot of time to give us trouble.

If we say cheap but also find ways to renew fly, if your friend Is engaged in a related insurance industry, certainly brought you more protection, and the price Will be cheaper, especially friends to know too much to do, so you better know which insurance company, hIs company and which Is more 4s shops to cooperate, so we have to go further understand these specific situation, because it can correct understanding of thIs aspect of the matter later, we Will be able to Carry out timely claims, and reduce problems in these areas. Select Insurance for us Is really important, so I hope you are better able to pay attention in the process of doing, then we can better applications.