How to choose car insurance

When we buy a Car Will buy insurance, but the insurance category range, and the total price a lot of money, a lot of people Will buy a Car when the selective purchase, now Xiaobian to introduce how to choose Car insurance.

First, we all know that buying a Car Will bear the cost of insurance, which pay high insurance, the state mandatory requirements, it Is necessary to buy, the scope of compensation 110 000 death and dIsability benefits, 10,000 medical 2 property damage, compensation Is not in accordance with the proportion of liability only divided the responsibility for compensation, no responsibility for compensation, premium fixed.

Then there Is the business of insurance, which if adequate funding, it Is recommended to buy all rIsks, but pay attention to all rIsks on the road does not mean you can do anything.

If the money Is not very adequate, then I suggest that there are several commercial insurance Will buy. Three insurance, third party insurance, the insurance contract, the insurer Is the first party, also known as the first person, the insured or the insured vehicle of virulence Is the second party, also known as the second person in the the victim under the Car Is a third party, also known as third party.

proposed purchase of at least 50 million insurance policy, but the time of the accident, third party insurance premiums paid in advance, not only to the owners of the payment, if 500,000 of premiums, the insurance company It Will advance 500 000, leaving only the owners paid enough.

spontaneous loss of insurance, loss due to spontaneous combustion vehicles produced, rescue fee compensation premiums in accordance with the vehicle purchase after depreciation increased according to the increase of the vehicle, the new Car Is not recommended, the old Car Is recommended.

Car damage, damages the unilateral accident vehicle insurance, but does not include a separate glass breakage, loss due to dock, if you can not find those responsible, compensation for losses of 30 %, collIsions pay in proportion to responsibility.

Excluding special insurance deductible, if not insured the insurance, then when there Is a need for compensation according to the proportion of responsibility for the accident, then compensation must be deducted when calculating the franchIse based on the size of the liability then follow the deductible out of responsibility for the accident than the compensation.