How to calculate car insurance? What in the end need to buy the insurance when buying a car? Be careful suffer Oh!

Car has become a tool for daily use, so the Car market also has been in a rIsing state, so when consumers go to buy a Car Is not like buying other items, like consumer when buying a Car who Will need covered to some other industries, such as: buy insurance, buy purchase tax and so on. So Auto insurance in the end Is how to calculate it? Insurance Insurance in the end what needs to buy it?

old saying goes: Gehangrugeshan, yes indeed, in real life, we Will own that for thIs industry have some knowledge, but they are not familiar with the industry, we Will be like a “silly white sweet”, the same Auto insurance industry, too.

today share together, usually we Will encounter more of some insurance when buying a Car, buying a Car in peacetime when we encounter more are: caustic danger, third liability insurance, non-deductible insurance, seat insurance, pilfer and specify specializing in insurance.

Simply put, refers to caustic danger when their vehicle received damage, the insurance company Will pay compensation, liability insurance Is the third finger of the other when a vehicle or other physical damage, the insurance company for compensation, non-deductible refers to the premIse of compliance with traffic rules and regulations, the insurance company does not bear any responsibility to the full amount, specified specializing in rIsk means that when the vehicle suffered damage when, can be repaired in the 4S shop, 4S shop owners do not bear the price difference with the outside repair shop produced.

described above, the significance of insurance coverage, then in the end the insurance Is how to calculate it? Under normal circumstances, the cost of insurance coverage Is usually the price of the vehicle, the dIsplacement of a relationship, insurance coverage also has some of its specific formula, for example: Car damage : 619 + 0.0147 * prices, insurance rates : 20W: 1445 30W: 1665 50W: 1996, rIsk seat : 1W: 150 2W: 300, non-deductible 🙁 damage a vehicle seat + + + three responsible robbery) * 0.15, 4S specified store specializing : * 0.15 Car damage, pilfer : vehicle price * 0.0041 + 120.

kinds of Auto insurance coverage particularly large, but currently on the market, the real usefulness or more usually allow consumers to benefit from nothing more than: Car damage, third liability insurance, as well as non-deductible specified 4S shop specializing in other types of insurance may be useful and not so big, can buy.

Summary: Each industry has characterIstics of each industry, each industry Will have unspoken rules, so what we had to do at the time, You can choose to do first to know, to understand that it Will not suffer.