How to buy vehicle insurance in order to spend less money wasted? How insurance premiums calculated?

How Insurance the purchase of vehicles, insurance how to choose, how to calculate the price of vehicle insurance, mainly with you when buying Auto insurance channels, as well as how to choose insurance, have a certain number of dangerous condition relationship, then how can we get the most reasonable Auto insurance, vehicle insurance and how it Is calculated, small series to talk about.

First talk about, Car insurance Is divided into two types, one Is what we call necessary to buy insurance to pay strong. If you do not purchase insurance to pay strong vehicle can not be driven on the road and conduct annual inspection. It Is composed of the price of travel insurance and user fees, because the windows fee Is collected on behalf of the insurance company. No preferential price in the first year, second year, there may be 20-30% of the dIscount rate, thIs Is not to say.

Another commercial vehicle insurance Is insurance that Is “all rIsks” insurance business of insurance a lot of friends say that there are plenty of options, of course, thIs commercial insurance Is not compulsory purchase Is our own choice. How to select the commercial insurance in the insurance mix, which Is more suitable for them, which directly influence the calculation of the premium prices.

business insurance buying patterns

through insurance Auto insurance online channels more than 15% of the cost of traditional channels province, enjoy the traditional channels with the same claims service, preferential large safe and reliable. Xiao Bian recommend you can be insured by phone or online way to buy insurance, so Will the cost of purchase can save 15-20% than the traditional way, and usually comes with a lot of gifts, such as tachograph ah, ah vehicle maintenance, emergency kit and so on. And also enjoy the same claims service.

Commercial insurance primary insurance selection

commercial insurance Is divided into main insurance, Car damage, theft and robbery, and three board staff. But many owners just bought a new Car at the time, very often cherIshAnd their driving skills have not enough confidence, so the first year on Auto insurance are generally relatively full, the costs are relatively high. Only open for a year and so familiar with the vehicle, so there are some very worthwhile insurance or no need to buy. We often use the analogy that if a vehicle in the city, then pilfer Is not necessary, if you can not get up several times a year the high-speed, so if you bought a personal accident insurance, board officers liability insurance Is also no need to buy, because in case of encounter any accident, its payment Is very low.

additional insurance selection

the additional rIsk commercial lines glass breakage alone, scratches insurance, insurance spontaneous combustion vehicles, particularly engine damage insurance, insurance and the like wading. But here explain, scratches insurance if your Car Is older than 3 years, then it can not be bought, it Is provided to the vehicle within three years. Here Is Xiao Bian strongly recommend glass breakage alone, crushed glass case accident Is often the case, because we know that the entire vehicle Is 35% of the area are made of glass, Xiao Bian strongly recommend purchase. If your new Car so spontaneous combustion rIsk Is not recommended to buy a small series, meaning not great. Loss of engine particularly dangerous it actually Is, we often say wading insurance, if your city Is not perennial water, occasional rains do adventure travel, but also do not recommend a choice.

How to calculate the premium

how to calculate business insurance premium, which Is a more complex matter, the insurance company personnel needs, based on your vehicle, vehicle age, the original value of the vehicle, dangerous condition, such as integrated computing. But one thing Is certain Is that the owners have not had claims records within a year, then the second year of the purchase price at the time of renewal of insurance Will be reduced.

Now that you know how to choose their own vehicle insurance, right? No use may not select insurance money wasted if less