How to buy vehicle insurance?

on the purchase of insurance, often encounter such a thing: someone driving out of trouble plausibly, “I am not afraid, I have all rIsks”, the result was dumbfounded when the claim, the insurance company does not pay and that it does not pay Finally, feeling cheated, in fact, because do not understand insurance, but did not seriously look at insurance contracts has been.

Many people have a mIsunderstanding, that as long as buy to pay high insurance, Car damage, third liability insurance, non-deductible insurance, even if bought all rIsks, and think they are fully protected , and it Is not. ThIs Is actually a major insurance, there are many additional insurance, such as: wading insurance, designated repair insurance, glass insurance, scratches insurance, pilfer, spontaneous combustion rIsk, occupants insurance, etc., define these types of insurance, premiums, compensation the amount varies due to different insurance companies.

How to buy vehicle insurance do? Many people only map premiums low, do not look at insurance policy, it Is easy to fall into the trap of price. For example, buying the same Car caustic danger, it was reported that the value of the Car caustic danger by 200,000, it was reported by 150,000 Car caustic danger value, 150,000 of premiums Is certainly low, you may not know at the time, dIscovered too late after the accident a. I think the purchase of vehicle insurance should follow three steps:

The first step: First, according to your level of driving, vehicle price, vehicle market holdings, often traveling the road, often driving range, affordability and other factors, to assess what rIsks you may encounter? What rIsks are more likely to occur? What Is the rIsk you can not afford? After all, the insurance Is to resIst rIsks.

The second step: the selection of an insurance company according to your rIsk requirements, which insurance companies give you more rIsk to provide protection? What insurance companies to provide protection low threshold? What are the high cost of the insurance company? After all, various insurance companies are not the same. Generally well-known insurance company outlets, extensive dIstribution network, the price Is more expensive, conditions are more, so to find a balance based on demand.

The third step: to know what are the insurance? You are concerned about insurance terms of insurance? What special requirements or conditions? What special provIsions dangerous condition report? And so on, according to the information with their own actual conditions to finalize the required insurance, and then look at the offer. To guarantee a certain price when the same ratio, as a prerequIsite condition. Before signing the contract Carefully to see contract terms and salesStaff commitment Is consIstent, avoid unprofessional salesperson or security needs are not met selfIsh occur.

In the specific operation, in my industry more than 20 years of experience to give you the following recommendations:

Car damage insurance: thIs Is lost money to fix your Car, if your Car Is very expensive, or a new Car, thIs must buy, if you have to repair to the 4S shop, some insurance companies also need to purchase another designated repair insurance; if your Car Is market holdings less, meaning that parts Will be more expensive, it can also consider buying; if your Car Is very cheap or very long age of the vehicle, which means maintenance Is relatively low, the rIsk may not buy.

non-deductible insurance: thIs must buy, some insurance companies have a lot of limitations in the claims, so that you take responsibility you pay less money, in many cases you may not know, buy thIs insurance to avoid thIs rIsk.

Third liability insurance: ThIs Is someone else’s accident compensation, thIs must buy, or else they might make you a hit back to the liberation. Traffic Insurance Is compulsory liability insurance itself, but a lower sum insured has been. Traffic Insurance payment Is divided into three parts: limits are death, dIsability 110,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan for medical expenses, property losses 2,000 yuan. On thIs basIs, how much responsibility you buy a third advantageous according to your level of driving, often traveling the road, how often high-speed, whether regular night driving and other factors. I think at least have to buy liability insurance 300,000 500,000 best.

other insurance can be purchased according to individual circumstances, such as wading insurance, some insurance companies singled out, some do not. As singled out in your area often rains, the road and often have water, you have to buy.

Also in the accident, if it Is a small draw a small touch, you should probably assess maintenance costs down, such as small, we do not recommend report. Because the report can not be paid much money, and your premium Will be the second year since the report does not dIscount, but bigger losses.