How to buy insurance for the car? Learn thIs recipe, you Will no longer be pit 4S shop!

The first thing a lot of people after buying a Car Is to buy insurance, insurance for the 4S shop recommended better not to bother, because the 4S shop recommended insurance and other insurance companies are in fact cooperation, not best for you, but they are the most profitable kind. Even on a how to buy Auto insurance, Auto insurance buy what a lot of friends who become new Car’s primary problem.

First, when we buy a Car, pay high insurance are provIsions of the country, every new Car buyers have to own thIs Car insurance, then we have to on other insurance, which Is not necessary as the spontaneous loss of insurance on a new Car, because the new Car has a warranty.

when the insured to pay attention, not simply to save money without full insurance, do not have to spend more over-insured. Due to the current Car insurance rates are fixed, and thus how much the amount of insurance payments depends on the level of their Car. WIse choice Is full insurance, how much Is the value of the vehicle number on the insurance. To save someone without full insurance premiums, such as 20 million Cars only protect 10 million, in case of an accident resulting in damage to the vehicle, you can not get full compensation. And not full insurance contrary, some people are obviously in the hands of an old Car, but the assessed value of 5 million, has chosen to over-insured, the sum insured 18 million, thought he could spend more money to get out of the vehicle after the high the amount of compensation. In fact, the insurance company only when the actual loss of the dangerous condition of the Car to determine the amount of compensation.

commercial insurance vehicle owners generally buy Car damage insurance (limit of prices); liability insurance (limit can choose to see your financial ability myself, because the higher limit premiums more expensive, and the rates are different all over, but then the insurance company Will give you private Cars do not pull more than 1 million); the entire vehicle pilfer; board officers liability insurance. But these are absolutely the primary insurance deductible (when there Is simply no matter how much you do not accident liability, compensation obtained should be deducted from the deductible), it would be best to corresponding basic insurance or use an additional non-deductible. Of course, these are four basic insurance may choose to insure. In addition there are some additional rIsk, and may demand options. In thIs case the premium Is estimated at about 4000 bar.

and the insurance strong narrowAlmost overlapping functions, are the owners of the Car hit the other person for payment of medical expenses or compensation after it has not have to buy insurance. But, for now, limited ability to pay high insurance protection, it Is difficult to cope with a major accident injured people in general, or should you buy third party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance the insured amount of 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000, 300,000, 500,000 and 1 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) seven grades to choose from. Limit compensation gap between them Is great, but the gap Is not significant premiums accordingly. It Is recommended that owners need to choose between the two tranches if the insured amount, you can go up a notch insurance. When

for the novice to buy a new Car, the Car owner’s driving habits or technology does not provide high protection for vehicle safety, it Is best to buy thIs insurance. Because even though virtually scratch occurs, the repair shop to repair a little bit, it would take a lot of money. If the insured vehicle damage insurance. Repairs after vehicle collIsion had hIs own pocket, a heavier burden.