How to buy car insurance, you Will not spend “money wasted”? Expert: There are these three Is enough!

how to buy Car insurance, you Will not spend “money wasted”? Expert: There are these three Is enough! After the development of society, now the Car has become the people’s lives a common means of transport, people travel Is inseparable from the Car, and the Car with the family, regardless of where to go Will fancy their Car Is very convenient , but also after the Car had a lot of trouble, just for example on the economy Is not a small expenditure, the latter to take the cost of the Car are also more and more, for example, would like some of the costs of parking spaces , oil, insurance, maintenance costs, etc. these costs add up, every year Is not a small expenditure, if problems arIse in the face of Car parts, then also a great deal of pressure on the owners of the economy , especially those not very good economic conditions, the owner, and now increasingly also in the Car on the road increases, traffic pressure on the road Is growing, and they would often stuck in traffic or in some cases Is virtually scratch, If the lighter, then there are a lot of owners Will choose compounding.

If there are serious, then the payment of fees Is more and more, so that thIs can use the insurance to reduce the owners of economic pressure, so that now the owners after buying the Car they also Will give hIs Car to buy the insurance, but also more types of insurance, for those who do not know the owners of the insurance may be lIstened to sales staff, then buy all rIsks, thIs Is not right If you buy more, then buy insurance, fees paid are also more and more, and which has the following cost Is less than the usual time, and did not even need to buy, if you have no money, the economy more generally, it Is most really first before buying these types of insurance Is enough to buy, buy more than that Is a waste of money.

The first one kind of insurance Is to pay high insurance, which pay high insurance Is a type of insurance must buy, and thIs pay high insurance Is a type of insurance law of compulsory purchase, no matter in thIs novice or old drivers are necessary, and the front windshield of the Car Will be a strong sign of danger pay, on the road without thIs flag, it Is a violation of traffic rules, they Will be punIshed, and at a young age without thIs flag it Is unqualified.

The secondInsurance Is called non-deductible, special insurance Is not deductible insurance, thIs kind of insurance Is very necessary to buy, there are a number of older drivers Will not buy such insurance when buying insurance. If in normal circumstances, the Car accident, the insurance company to compensate third-party liability can not find the person, then the insurance company Will also compensation, but compensation Is relatively small, only 30% of the franchIse, if you’re on the road the occurrence of an accident resulting in the loss of about 200,000, then if people do not have third-party liability, which Is the insurance company Will be paid 200,000 70%, which Is paid Will help you 140,000, and the remaining 60,000 owners need themselves, if you wanted to buy non-deductible insurance, then the insurance company in the case of hIs accident Will full compensation.

The third Is called the insurance third party liability insurance business, which Is the third party insurance, the insured party and the party say Is Auto insurance contract, That means, the policy holder and the insurance company if the insured party causing the damage to a third party, then it Is for example when traveling on the road, the owner accidentally hit a luxury Car, but also requires the owners to take full responsibility If thIs Is you do not have to buy third party liability insurance, then it must compensate for all the losses, which for a normal speed, it Is rather difficult to do, to know those high Car prices are also relatively expensive, casually Will be paid a lot of costs, if you buy third party liability insurance, then the insurance company Will have to bear the cost, after all, rich people are more and more, so that sometimes on the road Will see some ho Car, especially in a second-tier city which, if accidentally hit caused by the loss of so many owners Is not a little bit.