How to buy car insurance? What must buy insurance? Novice drivers and see it, do not the blind

for the insurance Issue suggest you to save money and must not suffer a great deal, Car insurance many different types, in addition to strong insurance business insurance third party liability insurance, Car damage, non-deductible insurance, insurance wading, spontaneous combustion rIsk, pilfer, scratches insurance, separate glass breakage, insurance and other vehicle occupants and so on, for the first time to buy a Car Is really a bit confused and do not need to know which to buy

in fact, in addition to pay compulsory insurance outside, the most useful Is the third party liability insurance, Car damage, non-deductible insurance, with these three vehicles Will have the most basic protection, and the rest Will be subject to availability of.

third party liability insurance Is the most important insurance, thIs Is the first true except for you and your Car tripartite insurance, that Is to say whether you are hit people or goods Will be insured claims, the third party liability insurance suggest you choose the best insurance coverage 500,000 to 1,000,000, so as to fully avoid rIsks.

Car damage insurance Is really your own vehicle, if your Car Is damaged in an accident in need of repair, the insurance Will lose your own vehicle indemnities, you say your purchase price Is 300,000, the price of the Car if the repair prices crashed, but quite high, if you have no insurance at their own cost repaired.

non-deductible insurance Is additional rIsk for more than two primary insurance, the role of insurance Is to allow the insurance company claims 100% of your losses, the insurance company Will have under normal circumstances 20% of the deductible, which means you lose the insurance companies only pay for your 100 80, with the non-deductible insurance to your insurance company Will lose 100% of the claims. So with these three commercial insurance Basically, we can be guaranteed, the other you can choose according to their own situation.