How to buy car insurance was the most cost-effective? We recommended to buy three, to the greatest extent mitigate damage to property

Now the process Will basically buy Car insurance, but also in the Car’s sales Will recommend you for a lot of insurance, but many owners are to cast their Car to pay high insurance, which I only able to say to my driving too confident, my personal recommendation Is the following three must buy the insurance, bought three insurance basically do not need to do too much compensation.

to pay high insurance Is certainly buy, pay high insurance price Is not high, but to pay high insurance in dealing with a number of minor accidents also cost-effective, after all, not many small accident compensation, but we have to Note to pay high insurance limits of liability, death and dIsability liability limit of 11,000 yuan medical expenses compensation limit to 10,000 yuan, but the compensation Is only 1000 yuan under no liability status, property loss compensation of 2,000 yuan, but in the absence of liability cases the upper limit Is only 100 yuan, I believe we all know, I really want out of something big, to pay high insurance 11,000 so not nearly enough to compensate, which requires third party liability insurance and non-deductible up to help.

If you buy third party liability insurance, can help owners to free a lot of damage to property, if the owner Is no obligation, there may even be all paid by insurance companies of course, there Is of course the responsibility of general primary and secondary points, if itself holds 30% of the responsibility, then the insurance company would be paid, of which 30% Is very large if the amount of compensation, if reached 100 million, which means that the owner I would also like to dig 700,000, which Is a very large sum of money, so thIs requires no deductible to help.

Is not deductible main role Is, no matter how much the responsibility of the owner, even if it Is the full responsibility, as the insurance company Will be paid in full, the owners do not need to spend itself penny, so that we can greatly reduce their loss of property, and finally we can sum up, as long buy to pay high insurance, third party liability insurance and non-deductible, you basically do not need other payment loss, only responsible for their own that part of the line, but a little bit so the vast majority of families are able to afford, and some other types of insurance, such as glass insurance, wading insurance, motor vehicle insurance, etc. these losses mainly to see their own environment and even if the Car really problems, generally do not involve a lot of property damage.