How to buy car insurance was the most cost-effective? The eight programs to help you, for you must have

to buy Car insurance, everyone has different opinions, some people buy more of the type of insurance, while others simply buy pay compulsory insurance, third party and loss of vehicle insurance. ThIs Is because each person’s driver’s age, driving a vehicle type, and vehicle age in different vehicles, Will lead to the idea that everyone buy insurance Is different. Today, Car dealers brother to everyone on the basIs of these circumstances lIsted eight kinds of programs, you can buy insurance or renewal based on their own about the situation.

Scenario 1: The new Car + new drivers + Economy Car

If you are a novice, and buy a new Car, the vehicle belongs to middle and low models, may not necessarily choose too many types of insurance, commercial insurance and the terms of purchase of a third party vehicle damage insurance can be.

2: used Car + driver + new economy Car

If you are choosing a used Car, but novice drivers, vehicles belonging to the low-end models, so a third party to purchase commercial insurance aspects can actually, because if you buy a used Car economy, Is not overly concerned with the problem of vehicle damage.

Scheme 3: Car + new drivers + high-end Cars

If a novice, or Car, and in high-end Cars, except buy third party liability insurance, other than loss of vehicle insurance, Car dealers can also choose to purchase brother recommended body scratches loss insurance, because it Is a newbie question, the chance of scratching the much larger, and mostly in high-end Car paint repair still more expensive.

4: used Car + driver + new high-end Cars

If you are choosing a used Car in luxury Cars, and a new Car, then the time to look at the brand, if it Is selected luxury brand used Car, then in addition to a third party, Car damage, can also be considered spontaneous combustion rIsk insurance and scratches.

Scenario 5: Old Car + driver + economy Car

If you have a certain amount of drivingProficiency, thIs time to buy a new Car, and Is economical Car, you can choose a third party and Car damage Will be enough.

Scenario 6: Old Car + driver + high-end Cars

Although the driving proficiency Is relatively high, but we are relatively new Car Care, and both new and old drivers, there Will always be a small knock a small touch of circumstances occurred, thIs time in addition to a third party and Car damage, scratches and consider glass breakage alone.

Scheme 7: old used Car + driver + economy Car

If thIs Is the case, under normal circumstances only need to buy third party it Is enough, but if you do not trust, you can add one more Car damage and non-deductible provIsions.

Scheme 8: old used Car + driver + high-end Cars

in the luxury Car Is more wear and tear charges high, and if it Is selected luxury brands, even older drivers can also consider adding spontaneous combustion rIsk, body scratches loss insurance.

more than eight kinds of programs just to name a general, or a specific Car again according to their own situation to determine, for example, you often go to the site, then scratches and glass breakage alone Is a great need to buy. In addition, we must look at the terms of the insurance buy insurance, do not Yimushihang, thIs Is very easy to mIss some of the provIsions of explanation.