How to buy car insurance was the most cost-effective for most

Most people Will buy a Car now “heavily” to buy all rIsks, in simple terms, that Is, for himself and Car insurance together, but in fact there are a lot of them all rIsks are useless, we need to know how to be resolved, in the end should choose what Car to buy insurance? How to Buy Is the most advantage of it? How to buy the most suitable Car insurance.

options to buy according to their needs, for example, where you are often rains, you’re afraid of water flooded your Car, then you can buy wading insurance. Another example Is often the case in your area Diuju occurred, it Is necessary to buy pilfer. North-South differences in weather conditions. These are based on your own needs come, must be rational when choosing insurance, remember deceived.

at the same time as the insured to pay high insurance and three insurance, so that in the event of major accidents, insurance companies can help pay for excess costs. Three insurance compensation Is also used by the human and material losses Car made of other parties.

Is the basic security model: Traffic Insurance + three insurance + excluding franchIse, moderate cost, to protect the basic rIsk if their own Cars or personal injury Is required at their own expense. There Is full insurance, full insurance and also contains many, commonly known as the full insurance are: three insurance / glass insurance / Car damage / liability driver / passenger liability / excluding franchIse.

Of course, some high-end Cars under one roof option Is also guaranteed, large companies Will be premium, but the company claims Is also easier than small high number of small companies. Of course, some of the electricity dIstribution platform lower prices, but to buy time to clear the purchase of insurance with some of the terms, just in case an accident while being exclusions.

Tips: now the amount of such insurance to pay more humane, and that Is that you pay attention to yourself, then there Is no accident, then, the cost Will naturally pay less but if you drive reckless, there Is a problem of responsibility of the accident many times, must pay the fee Will increase the number, give warning!

hit the dog must compensate it

have a dog license and tie the leash: in thIs case a dog owner do to protect the dog security obligations, after the owner hit the dog, as it should beWhen the dog to hurt or death to take full responsibility.

did not wear illegal driving leash, but owners: if the vehicle in the parking lot, residential speeding certain places, or prohibited links shuttle, these retrograde and other illegal acts, the dog did not tied a dog chain, the dog owners and the owners have to bear some responsibility. The two sides still need to adjust the amount of payment of the police, because there Is no specific legal provIsions sides paid a percentage of responsibility.

no dog license can exclusions: no dog license can not prove that the dog Is a dog owner legal “property”, so the owner can choose to refuse payment. However, whatever the outcome Is a life, so dog owners Will be gone directly ton of bricks, it Is best to deal with the police. But we did not have a dog license dog rope system, vehicle on: “dog management approach” Small dogs can take to the streets, but requires dog owners to use the leash Carried away. If you hit a dog leash under normal driving the vehicle, the owner the right to refuse payment, even a multi-vehicle damage claims resulting from compensation.

Tips: If in a public place without a license killed the injured dog, the owner can exclusions, if there Is a dog license, it shows the dog there are “legal status”, a dog who can claim; Secondly, to see whether the accident dog tied raIse, and whether the owner counterparts. If not, then the dog owner failed to fulfill its regulatory responsibilities, the driver can also be exclusions; again, to see whether the driver illegal driving, if the dog Cards are complete, the owner fulfill regulatory obligations, no illegal driver, the two sides should negotiate solve; the driver illegal driving, should be unconditional compensation.

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