How to buy car insurance was reasonable? After reading I do not understand, according to buy to get away!

Cars on the road, in order to have a guarantee, you Will choose to buy insurance, but others 3,000 dollars a year in Auto insurance, Why do you have to buy 6000 dollars it? ThIs Is in fact the insurance purchasing insurance different . How to buy Car insurance that only cost-effective it? For the answer to thIs question Is definitely to buy insurance Is the most cost-effective before you can use on the vehicles for use in different situations Is different, here we focused on how we conduct private Car purchase Auto insurance Raiders share, so that owners can quickly know how to buy a reasonable Car insurance.

Car insurance Is mainly composed of two classifications: compulsory insurance and commercial insurance . Many people are not familiar with the reasons for Auto insurance, Auto insurance Is a lot of relationships inside here confused, insurance and more, looking at a headache, and then look at the insurance policy here Is foggy, then you have to seriously look the following content.

compulsory insurance the full name Is called compulsory traffic accident liability insurance, so called pay high insurance. Is that each vehicle must purchase insurance, which Is Why we have insurance vehicles examined in want, then bought a Car after compulsory insurance, commercial insurance can not buy the fact, but no one can guarantee that in without collIsion while driving, in order to reduce economic rIsks, so as to have commercial insurance, commercial insurance that Is really our kind of post-compulsory insurance supplement, for some reasonable place supplement, in the case of the event of an accident, responsibility can be borne by the insurance company.

before the clear difference between the two insurance, you need to understand that such a knowledge that your relationship in Insurance, our Car belongs to one of our driver of the vehicle and the occupant Is a party, or that Car accident and our people collectively referred to as a third party, thIs must be to remember.

to pay high insurance coverage that we drive a vehicle and third-party collIsion, the need for insurance claims, and that based on future traffic police divIsion for the responsibility for the accident, different amount of compensation. You Will find to pay high insurance compensation Is relatively low,The highest Is 122,000 yuan , that if hit luxury Car or person injury accident, the money was not enough, which has commercial insurance, commercial insurance Is actually for our insurance supplement. That commercial insurance how to buy it? How to save money it? I would first analyze several worth buying commercial insurance, give you the answer.

third party liability insurance , also known as three insurance, three here, do not know if you still remember that we the above mentioned and vehicle collIsion and the Cars referred to as a third party, that in order to better to avoid a collIsion luxury Cars and people injured after the amount of compensation Is relatively large, so there Will be three insurance 500 000 100 million and 1.5 million cases, where suggest that you try to buy more than 1 million . In the event of an accident, and that third party Car repair, hospital costs after exceeding compulsory insurance, Will choose the three insurance in compensation.

in three insurance here, that there Is a need to introduce the knowledge that absolute franchIse , which means you buy the three insurance, thIs after the accident, when the insurance company Will be based on your responsibility in thIs accident Will have an absolute franchIse, to understand well understood, such as your accounting responsibility in the accident, need to compensate a total of three 600,000, but because you are absolutely full responsibility franchIse Is 20%, that Is, the insurance company Will compensate 480,000, leaving 120,000 still require the owners themselves, then how to avoid thIs problem? ThIs requires commercial insurance in the non-deductible insurance .

non-deductible insurance, that Is, to us thIs Is definitely a complement of three insurance franchIse in, you can ensure that insurance claims after accidents occur in the whole the amount of compensation.

Car damage , the other side of the Car in three insurance and pay high insurance compensation here, that the after the accident, our Car Is definitely there Will be a Car repair costs, and that the Car damage insurance business, Is our vehicle Is damaged, be an insurance service, post-repair costs on compensation by the insurance company . That would follow if the vehicle Is scrapped after the Car purchase residual feedLine calculations, your Car insurance company worth over there, you can see in thIs policy there.

seats rIsk , comes to us after the accident prone to loss of vehicles, Cars and people have a third-party guarantee, left Is our own Car people on, thIs Is the seat that rIsk, the rIsk Is to ensure that the seat while driving, if you are the party responsible for the accident, the vehicle was a top personal injury compensation.

Then how Car insurance to buy it? Here Is the key, look at the top do not understand, did as the following to buy, you can!

a new Car.

three insurance be compulsory + + + vehicle damage not deductible

2. Old Car (vehicle residual value Is less than thirty thousand)

three insurance be compulsory + + not deductible

4. personnel frequent use (in particular, often children, the elderly Will be the Car)

three insurance compulsory insurance + + + Car damage Is not deductible insurance seat +

well, that’s reasonable Car insurance you purchase in accordance with thIs purchase, for 80% of vehicle insurance, it Is enough. For drivers and vehicles in some special cases according to their own situation to supplement the purchase of commercial insurance. For example, where rain frequently, you can add a wading insurance, if the driver technology Is not very good, often bumps, then it can increase the rIsk of a scratch. Do you understand? Welcome messages let you answer Xiaobian Oh!